Tright here are a few "surprise Vault Symbols" in each area. Where precisely are all of them, and are tbelow any telling indicators once you"re close by?



Tbelow are no indications as soon as you"re close to. Remember to activity ("Discover") the wall inscriptions—don"t just look at them. Each new character deserve to revisit the signs and also gain credit for the obstacle.

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Windshear Waste (1)

Southern Shelf (2)

Southern Shelf - Bay (2)

Three Horns - Divide (3)

Sanctuary (5)

Three Horns - Valley (3)

Southpaw Steam & Power (3)

Frostburn Canyon (2)

The Dust (3)

Bloodshot Stronghold (2)

Bloodswarm Ramcomponents (1)

Friendship Gulag (1)

Tundra Express (2)

End of the Line (1)

Sanctuary Hole (1)

Caustic Caverns (2)

Fink"s Slaughterhome (1)

The Fridge (2)

The Highlands (1)

Wildlife Exploitation Preserve (2)

Natural Selection Annex (1)

The open Hyperian container you have the right to walkvia on the appropriate side of the Annex, walkvia it looking up.

Holy Spirits Bar (1)

Thousand also Cuts (2)

Opportunity (2)

Lynchhardwood (2)

in gunslinger"s corner, revolve off the electrical fusage box and also take the elevator to the peak, go past the electrified fence that must be off now and jump from the trunk of the vehicle to the roof and also continue forward preventing between the blue and green rooftops. Look down.the second vault symbol is also on a roof, follow the tracks down primary street to the stairs leading up on the left side of the tracks. Follow the stairs to the top of this structure, jump on height the lockers and also after climbing as much as this roof, jump to the following roof. The Rx drugs sign is wright here you have to be. Put the sign to you"re ago and also jump to the height of this building then walk down the various other side and look down.

The Bunker (1)

1.The cult of the vault is alengthy the ring under the left side of the waterfall. Face the waterfall and also jump off the appropriate side of the ring that has no protection rail, tright here are rocks underneath and also you deserve to jump earlier to the ring after.

Eridium Blight (3)

In the Eridium Extraction Plant on the external of the structure on the left, in the ago ideal before the last container.Just prior to entering Hero"s Pass, on the left is a Hyperion door via a yellow ammo chest on the left side of the door. Walk roughly the appropriate side, the vault symbol is on this tiny structure.While debating over killing yourself, at Handsome Jacks" repursuit, could as well gain something out of the deal; this vault symbol you will see as you cross the walking bridge from Mount Hell to Lover"s Leap. It"s on a container on the left as you run towards your doom. Farthest point North various other than the volcano.

Ore Chasm (1)

the covert vault symbol is underneath the elevator you require to obtain ago to the optimal so carry a frifinish to kill you bereason you have to push the button then stand also underneath it while it crushes you.

Sawtooth Cauldron (2)

(W) Go all the method to that tiny location furthest west. It"s in the cargo freight on the left inner wall.Take the elevator all the method to the top of Buzzards Nest. push the elevator button to sfinish it earlier down, then quickly earlier out and get on top of the elevator. the symbol will be on the 8th scaffolding beam dvery own on the left side if facing the earlier of the elevator wbelow the button is.

Arid Nexus-Boneyard (2)

(SW) as soon as you first enter, turn to the left and also walk the borderline towards the south, roughly the eridium pond. From tbelow it"s appropriate in front of you on the turret tower.(E) there"s a ramp on the east side of the eridium pipeline, just prior to the catch-a-ride that farthest east. Walk up the ramp and run in the direction of the component of the pipe you run a automobile into and you"ll walk right into the second vault symbol.

Hero"s Pass (2)

Upon entering go to the vfinishing makers and also walk in between the vfinishing machine and the container, look left on the wall.After the cargo ship is knocked into the lava. Crossing a bridge the cargo ship is on your left side, at the end you crouch under a support strut(tbelow is a cash box sitting on a box here) move onto the rock. Make a 180 rotate and also you will view the Vault symbol on the support strut under the bridge.

Vault of the Warrior (1)

After your elevator ride down, dealing with the direction you"re expect to go in, rotate best and also alert the boxes and the scaffold neighboring the elevator, discover...

Terramorphous Peak (2)

on a cliff next to the elevator listed below the first bridge you cross after respawning there is a corpse and also a paintbucket alongside it.Under the platform you drop dvery own from to enter the arena via Terramorphous. Stand also over wbelow Terramorphous errupts from the ground after being summoned and you might be knocked up close enough to reach it. You"ll be airborne so be quick.

Mr. Torgue"s Campaign of Carnage

The following icons are found in locations in the second campaign DLC: Mr. Torgue"s Campaign of Carnage

Badass Crater of Badassitude (4)

In a hut on the top of a structure on the west-side entrance to the Arena. You can get tbelow by climbing the ladder behind the highmeans advertisement board, turning roughly and jumping to it.Just north/northwest of the previous symbol. Jump earlier down off the top of the structure behind the sign where you climbed up. Continue onward between the buildings and the valley wall till the end.At the exceptionally finish of one of the elevated highmethod sections. Get tright here from the ramp at the finish of the road on the much west of the map (it leads approximately in the direction of the north.)Behind a structure simply west of the entrance to The Beatdown.

The Beatdvery own (2)

In the northeastern corner (wright here you arised from Pyro Pete"s Bar after the project mission), follow the road south till the opening to courtyard via the water tower just off to the west. The symbol is on the much side, in simple sight on the wall.From the southeastern corner of the map, relocate west previous the highmethod on-ramp from the north side. About 3/4 the means down the hill is a balcony. Jump to it. The symbol in on the structure wall.

Arena (2)

In the northeast edge of the outer ring (about 2 o"clock), up high on the wall. Climb the boxes to obtain there.At the northernmost point of the outer ring is a ladder down. The symbol in on the wall behind the ladder at the bottom.

Southern Racemeans (2)

In the northwest edge alcove, climb to the optimal of the structures in the middle of the area. The symbol is on the west side of the hut with the antennae on it at the peak.In the northern-many main alcove (the one where you pull the lever before.). It"s in a hut at the incredibly finish of the alcove.

Forge (3)

In the much west by Torgue Houtilizing (near switch one from the story mission here), make your means to the top of the iron ramps. The symbol is on the side of a foundry structure in the south-west edge, just follow the course behind the turret.In the south-eastern region, simply previous the buzzard fighting ring and up the ladder on the eastern wall prior to Flyboy"s lair. Jump onto a bus with a ramp on it"s roof in the middle of the location and also take the ramp to the elevated hut. The symbol is on the side of the hut.Starting from the entrance to The Tower (Flyboy"s buzzard tower lair), turn left, and also you"ll view a collection of stairs. Walk down these stairs to the trash-heap looking area, then continue to the southern side of the trash. Turn to face SW. The vault symbol is on that wevery one of the tower structure.

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Captain Scarlett and also Her Pirate"s Booty

The adhering to symbols are discovered in locations in the initially campaign DLC: Captain Scarlett and also Her Pirate"s Booty.

Oasis (4)

Wurmwater (3)

Hayter"s Folly (2)

The Rustyards (2)

Washburn Refinery (2)

Magnys Lighthouse (2)

The Leviathan"s Lair (1)