Elon Musk, the one-of-a-kind South Afrihave the right to boss of Tesla and also SpaceX, briefly witnessed his fortune exceed that of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. Here is the life story of the genius who seeks to check out space.

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Thanks to the surge in Tesla shares, which rose in value by more than salso fold in 2020, Elon Musk’s fortune reached $188.5bn on 7 January, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

The 49-year-old South African, who likewise runs SpaceX, was for a brief time $1.5bn dollars richer than Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, from whom he briefly declared the title of wealthiest male in the world – ahead of Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, the emperor of high-end brand LVMH Bernard Arnault and also Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg, who is just 36 years old.

Space invader

The child of a South African electromechanical engineer and a Canadian-born version and dietician, Elon Reeve Musk was born in Pretoria on 28 June 1971 – in the midst of apartheid. Was it living in this padlocked cell that would certainly push him to constantly desire to escape? His parental fees divorced in 1980 when he was 12. Elon, that lived via his father after the divorce, created his first video game, Blastar, influenced by the famed Space Invaders, developed 5 years previously in Japan.

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He made $500 from it, offering the programme code to a South African computer system magazine, PC and also Office Technology. Musk reads a lot. He is a comic book enthusiast. This blond boy, that went so far regarding name among his sons Xavier after the teacher in X-Men, was regularly picked on by his classmates at Pretoria Boys High School, a area that was more than likely too traditional for him.

At 16, he tried to open up an arcade through his brother Kimbal. They abandoned the project, however the young Musk was not short of ideas. He was convinced, from that time on, that the US would market him the opportunity to implement them. He dreamed of Silicon Valley, where the technological civilization is creating the future through the aid of processors.

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Objective : Mars

In 1988, having obtained Canadian citizenship via his mother, he left home. Above all, he wanted to escape the armed forces business of the apartheid regimen. He checked out Kingston, Canada, with his brvarious other. Supporting himself through odd jobs (his father refoffered to pay for him to research external of South Africa), he attfinished Queen’s College prior to leaving for the US 4 years later.