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Eddie"s tale: "Been Tright here, Done That"


October 4, 1999 Web posted at: 5:30 p.m. EST (2130 GMT)

By Emily Soaresfor soimg.org Interactive"I have actually no various other talent"A Who"s Who of the rich, famousDr. Feelgreat and his elixir of joy"The only wife I"ve ever had""... currently there"s a cloud overhead"

(soimg.org) -- He"s had everything: fame, fortune, money, beautiful womales, and also he lost a lot of it through years of drug use and also superstar abandon. For Eddie Fisher, the good times, the bad times and the romance of it all take voice in his expose/autobiography "Been There Done That."

ALSOEddie tells all

This isn"t the first time Fisher has actually put his life to paper. But he claims the earlier autobiography, "My Life, My Loves," left too a lot untold. "I wanted to display a much more as a whole image and also be a little even more explicit than I was," he shelp in a current interview with soimg.org Interenergetic.

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Such explicitness has resulted in some difficulties. Fallout from the book, which dishes dirt on Debbie Reynolds and also Liz Taylor, (and also Ann-Margret and also Mamie Van Doren and Marlene Dietrich and also Pier Angeli and also Stefanie Powers ...) has currently cost Fisher, if not yet in legal fees then in personal relationships. Former Mama"s and also the Papa"s vocalist Michelle Phillips has actually announced she"s "contacting her lawyer" over Fisher"s insurance claim that he had actually a sexual liaichild with her. And Fisher"s youngsters -- by first wife Reynolds and 3rd wife Connie Stevens -- are not happy either. But Fisher suggests that he ssuggest put down the occasions and also civilization of his past as he remembers them.

"I told the truest story I"ll ever before understand. It was no story; it"s the precise reality," he contends. "And I have actually a great memory. No issue what I"ve been with in my life and for just how lengthy, I have a tremendous memory for points that have actually occurred to me that were essential."

One of those essential occasions was Fisher"s relationship via Elizabeth Taylor, his second wife to whom a large portion of the book is devoted. Reportedly, she is not pleased with the outcomes. The 2 have actually had actually essentially no call because Taylor and also Ricdifficult Burton started a tempestuous affair in 1963 that would end her marriage to Fisher. But Fisher does not see why she has been publicly dismissive of their partnership.

"I think tright here was a statement published -- somepoint that Elizabeth said or via her lawyer: "If you"ll notice, he"s the just husband I don"t talk around." Now I do not know why that is bereason I don"t think I was the worst. I only loved her, and also for her to come out and also say that my book is a fantasy or that my life via her was a fantasy, it"s true, it was a fantasy, however it was something that I"ll never before forobtain. We loved each various other extremely much and also if I tell you currently that she didn"t love me, it"s a lie. I think she loved me even more than I loved her."

Fisher and also Taylor led to a global scandal as soon as he left initially wife Debbie Reynolds to marry Liz, not lengthy after Taylor"s husband, Mike Todd, died in a airplane crash. In the book Fisher claims Liz sought him.

"I never observed her as a beautiful, desirable woman. She was my finest friend"s widow, she was my friend," he composed. Then she called, asking him to come visit her. "I assumed she wanted to talk around Mike. Which demonstprices how little bit I understood women."

"I have actually no other talent"

Though "Been Tbelow, Done That" lays out the life of a male who had actually a organic method with the females, it was his voice that opened eexceptionally door. "My name is Eddie Fisher, and I"m a singer" is the book"s opening line, and also from the moment he was a small boy tright here was nopoint else Fisher wanted to execute. "If I wasn"t able to sing I would certainly be a ... Do they still have street cleaners? I have no principle. I have no various other talent."

He admits, though, that in his pursuit for love his career nearly got shed. And tright here absolutely was sufficient to keep him distracted. "Been Tbelow, Done That" reads at times choose a small black book, with the details filled in. For Fisher, tright here were beautiful women anywhere, and also they all wanted a piece of him. But he claims the periodically bragging tamong the book is not him as much as the work-related of co-writer David Fisher (no relation). In one passage, Fisher explains his incredible popularity and a suggest at which he had actually "eclipsed" Sinatra -- a declaration he claims he would never before make.

"I never gone beyond Sinatra. Never. I do not treatment what the guy claims in the book; I never approached Presley or the Beatles in any kind of shape or form," Fisher claims. "Only point I had was 22 hits in a row, which does not compare to anypoint that they achieved. I would never before compare myself to these civilization. I mean, these are excellent immortals that will live forever ..."

Fisher states the title wasn"t his concept, either, but that of the publisher. "My title was "Prisoner of Love." I can"t fight them now. It"s as well late."

A Who"s Who of the well-off, famous

While Fisher spends many time describing, in rather lurid detail, his liaisons via a Who"s Who of gorgeous womales, his male contemporaries are as vivid -- the nobility of 1960s celebrityism, from Camelot to the Rat Pack. Undercivilization boss Sam Giancana, linked to both Sinatra and also John Kennedy, is defined as a close frifinish. "He treated me prefer the Jewish boy he never had," Fisher writes.

"I hate to say he loved me, bereason tbelow I go aget, but I was talking around the civilization that I knew and also I was cshed to him -- not in the Sinatra method -- however I didn"t obtain into his life and also the points that he did, however I preferred him. I was exceptionally, incredibly fond of him and I understand exactly how notorious he was, but I had some wonderful stories being through him. But some of these, if I told you, you might never before print it."

Fisher was also exceptionally fond of President Kennedy, via whom he common equivalent tastes in womales and friends. "I loved him. I think he had actually the charisma, more than any kind of movement photo star or anybody that I ever met in my entirety life. I mean, I"ve met virtually everybody, and no one possessed his magic."

Dr. Feelgood and also his elixir of joy

Fisher says he and the president common a much more sinister bond: they were both patients of Dr. Max Jacobkid, a physician well-known to the high and also mighty as "Dr. Feelexcellent." Fisher states Jacobchild figured prominently in his very own life, starting at age 25 via a shot of "serum" from Jacobkid when Fisher was having actually trouble via his voice before a performance. The shot was methamphetemine, and also Fisher states he was hooked for 37 years. Fisher claims many kind of others, consisting of Kennedy, delighted in a rise from Jacobson"s elixir.

"He was a very huge number in my life. ... I think he assumed he was helping world, yet I think he gained terribly, terribly lost in the middle of it all.

I think the medication visited his brain bereason he supplied 100 times even more than he offered on us guinea pigs. He would certainly provide himself these injections and he would autumn asleep in the middle of injecting us. But I didn"t know it at the time.

"I figured he was a physician and he was so famous and also what he did for me -- in my mind, I believed I was more brilliant than I was. I didn"t recognize that I was an idiot. And he made me sing much better, I believed. But I uncovered years later on once I was no longer on the methamphetemine, that I sang a lot much better without it. I assumed that I couldn"t live without it, simply prefer I couldn"t live without Elizabeth."

"The only wife I"ve ever before had"

After kicking the drugs and also his halittle for actresses, Fisher, 71, claims he discovered true happiness through his fourth wife, Betty. In the dedication of the book he defines her as "The just wife I"ve ever had."

What? He"s quick to describe.

"When you marry an actress, you"re marrying someone that is in an all-encompassing service -- it"s a service no issue just how we look at it -- and also they can not be a wife favor the wife I have actually now. We"ve been together 11 years and she knows what it"s all about to live through a man. ... she takes treatment of me; I take care of her. But she"s a very solid lady and also incredibly challenging to take treatment of; I cannot save up through her."

"... currently there"s a cloud overhead"

But via residue of the past uncovered in the brand-new book, Fisher"s currently strained connection with his kids -- Carrie and also Todd from his marital relationship to Debbie Reynolds, and also Joely and Tricia from his marital relationship to Connie Stevens -- has been additionally damaged. "(Todd) is not even talking to me anyeven more," Fisher states, "however I hope that"s temporary, bereason I love them all so extremely a lot. Even though I was not tbelow for them. I was not a -- I was going to say I was not an excellent father. I wasn"t a father at all. But we ended up being, we understood each various other, every one of us, I believed. And now there"s a cloud overhead."

Though it has actually opened up old wounds, "Been There, Done That" additionally files the music and also society of an era that is progressively a fascicountry for younger generations. "It was wonderful stuff," Fisher states. "There"s some good music now, but a lot of of it is too loud and also I can"t hear the words."

For Eddie Fisher, the music of his time brings to mind bittersweet years: glorious concerts, Max"s "vitamin cocktails," damaged marrieras, and also whirlwind sexual liaisons. But when all is said and also done, he states it"s the womales he remembers the majority of fondly.

"I think the songs in my era; they had actually wonderful lyrics. (They were) so complete of love and also so complete of cdamage and, I guess, sentimentality. I love sentiment. I love romance. That"s what I love about womales -- it"s romance."

Perhaps the book should"ve been titled Prisoner of Love, after all.

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