Sweeping and mopping floors are not some of the a lot of amazing home chores and also many type of people discover such jobs quite tough to bring out on a everyday basis. Nonethemuch less, this robotic vacuum cleaner does the task pretty well and makes points so a lot much easier. The type of dirt that this pet vacuum is able to clean up consists of tiny debris such as bread cramps, all kinds of pet hairs and hair, huguy hair and fine dust.

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Using this robotic vacuum cleaner is additionally rather convenient as you will have the ability to clean also the difficult to reach spots such as under the bed and corners on the floor. With a height of only 3.3 inches, the robotic vacuum cleaner will certainly conveniently crawl into these spots ensuring that each inch of your floor is perfectly cleaned. When compared to its peers, this vacuum is offered at a tool price and it may as well be thought about a baracquire considering the features that it has actually.

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Main Features of the Deebot N78

Three cleaning steras via an optional Mop

This robotic vacuum cleaner is able to move, vacuum and mop your floor in one pass. All that you have to perform is to choose which cleaning mode you want and also it will certainly set out to execute the project diligently.


For the sweeping function, you should attach the 2 side brushes at the front of the robotic cleaner. The brushes will certainly revolve in opposing movement thus sweeping any dirt into the center of the vacuum and as the vacuum passes by, it will certainly suction up the dirt right into the dustbin and also move on. When you want to mop the floor using this robotic vacuum, you need to fill the optional water reservoir via water or any kind of convenient cleaning agent and affix the washable microfiber cleaning fabric. This means, the cleaning agent will certainly wet the cleaning cloth which is dragged over your floor providing a clean soft mop of your floors.


Remote regulate and programmable cleaning

The robotic vacuum comes equipped through a programmable remote regulate. Using this remote manage you have the right to be able to program or schedule auto cleaning of your floor. The vacuum will certainly hence be cleaning the house day-to-day at a details time. Apart from scheduling the cleaning times, the remote control also helps to manipulate the vacuum’s activity and you deserve to quickly send it earlier to its charging dock once it’s done cleaning.


Three cleaning modes

You have the right to choose to have AUTO, EDGE or SPOT cleaning mode. The AUTO is for everyday cleaning wbelow the robot is programmed to begin cleaning the floor by itself at a particular time of the day. SPOT mode, on the various other hand, deserve to be supplied to clean a certain spot on the floor wright here there is focused dirt. On this mode, the vacuum will certainly clean roughly the mentioned location for about 2-5 minutes before heading ago to its charging dock . Lastly, you can pick the EDGE mode which is basically for cleaning edges and corners of the floor that most various other vacuums would certainly find it complex to clean.

Automatic return to charging dock

When making use of this robotic vacuum, you don’t need to concern around charging it manually or it acquiring stuck somewbelow on the floor because of low battery. This is because the vacuum has actually a smart attribute wright here once the battery gets low, it automatically retransforms to its charging dock.


Even though its navigation could acquire a little little bit confused and also carry out a number of unessential turns, the vacuum always finds its charging dock and also recharges other than as soon as the charging dock is in a various room. However before, as soon as totally charged, the battery lasts for about 110 minutes before a recharge is essential and also it’s a lot of most likely that within this duration the vacuum would have already finished cleaning the floor of the residence, or at least the room that it is in and also so the occupational wouldn’t be left halfmethod done. It takes about 4 hours for the battery to totally recharge.


Object detection and also stairs security features

Equipped through multiple sensors on its base and also sides, this robotic vacuum is able to “see” objects and also prevent bumping into them and also detect stairsituation edges so as not to fall off. The robot hence smartly maneuvers approximately objects favor table stands and also any various other furniture. It is also able to clean up to the edges of stairs yet prevent falling off. Nonethemuch less, the navigating device is not perfect and as soon as in a while the vacuum can knock around objects on the floor, but this is not incredibly widespread.

Smart Motion Technology

This innovation enhances the cleaning efficiency of the vacuum. What it does is that it permits the vacuum to pass through each spot on the floor numerous times so regarding clean the floor multiple times leaving it spotlessly clean.

Quiet operation

This vacuum is very silent in its operation. In truth, as soon as compared to its peers, it is one of the quietest robotic cleaners. You deserve to comfortably lug on through various other house chores, make a speak to or watch TV as it proceeds cleaning without any kind of disturbance or interference in terms of noise.


This robotic vacuum is easy to usage requiring bit to no maintenance. You only should push a switch to collection it to occupational and also you can too quickly manipulate its motion by usage of the remote regulate. The dustbin dimension is also rather reasonable and also doesn’t fill up fairly regularly also once cleaning on a everyday basis. Thus, the just maintenance that you should carry out regularly is cleaning the filter and also the washable towel and also emptying the dustbin when it is full.



This vacuum functions ideal on difficult floors however not as good on carpets. Also, it may, at times pick up loose objects such as cables and acquire stuck. Hence, you need to pick up all loose objects on the floor before setting the vacuum to work. In enhancement, the water reservoir is pretty little and also deserve to be frustrating once cleaning larger floor areas as the cleaning solvent empties conveniently. However, in order to protect against this difficulty, it is much better to clean little sections of the floor, most likely one room at a time.

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This robotic vacuum cleaner uses a pretty exceptional overall performance. It can adequately vacuum all forms of floors and carpets, gaining rid of all pet hairs and also various other kinds of dirt and debris. It can additionally sweep and also mop the floor for this reason, you don’t have to lift a finger as soon as it involves floor cleaning duties. Probably this is ideal robotic vacuum cleaner in regards to price per functions readily available.