BILL WARNER, Ph.D. is a extremely respected expert on political Islam. In 2006, he established the Center for the Study of Political Islam (CSPI) to further the study of the politics of the ideological background of Islam and its effects for Western Civilization. Warner specifies political Islam as that component of Islamic doctrine which pertains to the non-Muslim.Warner is the writer of fifteen books, including the Amazon bestseller, Sharia Law for Non-Muslims, which is publiburned in 20 languages. His Simple Koran is the initially Koran that can be conveniently understood by integrating Mohammed’s life right into the Koran verses. This technique offers a context to the book which makes the definition transparent. All his publications are concise and also simple to understand.Warner has published plenty of write-ups on the topic of Political Islam and is a prolific video blogger with over 150 videos dedicated to commentary and also education on this topic. His video, “Why We Are Afraid”, has actually over 4 million views.Warner has actually led seminars and provided public talks throughout the USA and Canada, and also internationally in Central Europe and the Balkan countries.In 2013, he established CSPI International (CSPII), a volunteer, non-profit organization, based in Brno, Czech Republic, via affiliates roughly the globe. CSPII equates & publishes Warner’s publications world-wide, offers trainings & lectures, and also does research on political Islam.Warner produced the first self-study courses on political Islam. His publications offer a summary of the complete Islamic doctrine and also resolve exactly how the doctrine is applied to world events. CSPI publications are likewise easily accessible as a web-based area finding out platdevelop.Bill Warner holds a PhD in physics & applied mathematics from North Carolina State University. He has actually been a research scientist at the Sarnoff Princeton Labs, a company owner of an power efficiency firm and a university professor.MethodologyDr. Warner holds that the totality of the true nature of Islam is discovered in the Trilogy of the Koran, the Sira (the biography of Mohammed) and also the Hadith (the legacies of Mohammed). All evaluation of Islamic history and present activity is brought about by the doctrine found in this Trilogy. Therefore, it is difficult to understand any kind of Islamic activity without learning the doctrine that is its reason.Warner postulates that tright here are 3 independent views of Islam that are not reconcilable. The three views are believer-centric, apologist-centric and Kafir- centric. The believer-centric check out is the watch of a Muslim. Apologist-centric is based upon the apologetic check out of non-Muslims. Kafir-centric is the check out of the non- Muslim. A detailed understanding of Islam must include all three. These views cannot be refixed, but each have to stand alone.Warner’s training in clinical theory and also math shaped just how he analyzed Islamic doctrine. Realizing that the Islamic texts had actually been made deliberately tough to read and comprehend, he set out to organize the doctrine in a manner that would certainly be quickly interpreted by the average per-child. As he analyzed the foundational Islamic messages, it ended up being clear that Islam is not created on the exact same civilizational values as the rest of the civilization.

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Simple statistical techniques revealed that dualism and also entry were the foundational values of Islamic doctrine.Statistical approaches applied to the Islamic texts showed that:Islam is much more of a political system than a religion.Tright here is no unmitigated excellent in Islam for the Kafir (non-Muslim).Islam’s honest mechanism is dualistic and also is not based upon the Golden Rule.Islamic doctrine cannot be reconciled with our ideas of human civil liberties and also our Constitution.The excellent majority, 96%, of all Islamic doctrine around women subjugates them.The Sunna (what Mohammed did and also said) is more essential than the Koran in a Muslim’s day-to-day life.Find out more at: (authorize up for newsletter)http://www.cspipublishing.com Platform: by Dr. Bill Warner include:Sharia Law for Non-MuslimsA Two Hour KoranA Simple Koran: The Rebuilt Historical KoranAn Alinked Koran: The Rebuilt Historical KoranFactual PersuasionThe Political Traditions of Mohammed: The Hadith for the UnbelieversThe Doctrine of SlaveryThe Islamic Doctrine of WomenA Self-Study Course on Political Islam, Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3Mohammed and the Unbelievers: The Sira, a Political BiographyThe Life of Mohammed: The SiraThe Islamic Doctrine of Christians and also JewsThe Hadith: The Sunna of Mohammed

The Life of Mohammed: The Sira

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