About Don"t Sheight (Color On the Walls)

"Don"t Stop (Color on the Walls)" is a song by Amerihave the right to indie pop band Foster the People from their dehowever studio album Torches. Written by the band"s frontmale Mark Foster, the song was released as the fourth single from the album on January 10, 2012. "Don"t Stop (Color on the Walls)" has actually been offered in television commercial advertisements for the Nissan Versa. The song was likewise featured in videogame Forza Horizon and also trailers for the movie Turbo. The song was created around what a four-year-old would carry out if they ruled the people. even more »

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Walk bit walkSmall talk substantial thoughtsGonna tell them all simply what I wantThat street two streets I watch you and also meHanging on the empty swings"Count high low don"t problem my eyes are closedI"m a supermale and it"s my showOne shoe 2 gonna kick via my new shoesI"m going to kick until I require new shoesYeah, yeah I sassist don"t stop, do not sheight, don"t stopTalking to me, stop don"t stop don"t stopGiving me thingsI run they run everybody run runAnd we"re all simply having actually funSleigh ride watercraft ride piggy ago rideI"m going to display them all how I deserve to rideOne 2 three cshed your eyes and also count to fourI gonna hide behind my bedroom doorCrayon on the wallsColor on the wallI"ll draw until I"ve broken eexceptionally lawI sassist don"t stop, don"t sheight, don"t stopTalking to meSoptimal don"t sheight don"t stopGiving me thingsSoptimal, do not soptimal, do not stopLaughing about itSoptimal don"t soptimal do not stopDon"t speak, do not speak do not stop do not stopTalking through me, sheight do not speak don"t stopGiving me things, sheight don"t soptimal don"t stopLaughing around itSpeak do not soptimal don"t speak I saidSpeak don"t speak don"t sheight I saidSoptimal don"t soptimal do not stopSpeak do not speak do not stopStop do not stop do not stop me

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Foster the People Foster the People is an American indie pop band formed in Los Angeles, California in 2009. The group is composed of Mark Foster (vocals, keyboards, piano, synthesizers, guitar, programming, percussion), Cubbie Fink (bass and also backing vocals), and also Mark Pontius (drums, percussion). The group"s music, described as melodic dance-infused pop and also rock, spans many kind of genres. even more »