Apple rarely apologizes once it messes up. But as soon as it does, it"s commonly followed by even even more fervor and upset individuals.

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Case in point: Apple ultimately admitted it did a poor project interacting to its customers around just how and also why it slowed dvery own iPhones via older batteries.

And while many human being will certainly foroffer the agency and accept its 2 forthcoming options (a $29 battery replacement for applicable iPhones and a future software program upday that"ll better define your device"s battery health), there"s an equal amount of people who are now slamming the company for not doing even even more for its customers, like making iPhones with removable batteries.

Cute concept — but it"s a small short-sighted. It"s not that Apple can not make an iPhone via a removable battery, however bereason it doesn"t make any kind of sense to. Removable batteries had their time in the "90s-00s.

Tbelow are various other attributes that we prioritize over batteries that can be swapped out.

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First, a little background lesson. Asking Apple to make an iPhone via a removable battery will never happen. I recognize...never before say never before... yet I feel confident making this insurance claim bereason Apple has actually never before released an iPhone with a battery you could conveniently rerelocate.

The battery"s always been sealed inside of the iPhone, and the only means to replace it has been to 1) lug it to Apple for servicing or 2) buy your very own toolcollection and also bust open the iPhone yourself (and void the warranty in the process).

Long before Steve Jobs hopped on stage at Macworld in January 2007 to present the initially iPhone to the human being, the agency already chose on its strong stance versus removable batteries.

It was a jarring style alternative at the time bereason just about all phones came with removable batteries, but it ultimately confirmed to be the appropriate one.

While many kind of Android phones touted removable batteries as a feature that distinguimelted them from the iPhone, you require just look roughly at the current Android landscape to view just how that turned out.

Can you name a solitary flagship Android phone through a removable battery? I can"t, and also I testimonial these things for a living. (To be fair, there are still phones that have removable batteries, however they"re typically budobtain ones or come from no-name brands.)

Samsung ditched removable batteries in its 2 flagship devices -- the Galaxy S and also Galaxy Note -- in 2014. And LG, among the last carriers to give up on them, organized out until 2016 through the G5.

Prioritizing various other features


Water resistance and removable batteries don't mix.Credit: brittany herbert/

So why did these companies speak making phones with swappable batteries?

You already recognize the answer if you"re a phone junkie or a tech nerd. And no, the answer isn"t: They"re all simply copying Apple.

Whenever before you make a decision not to execute somepoint, you"re all at once making the decision to permit room for somepoint else. Perhaps, somepoint that couldn"t have actually been done bereason of the tradeoffs that prioritized one point over one more.

In the instance of phones with removable batteries, phone equipments made the deliberate decision to go with sealed batteries for a number of factors. Here are just a couple of of them:

More premium design: Removable batteries are convenient, but they additionally considerably limit the style of a phone. Take a look at the Galaxy S5 and also Note 4. Notice any similarities? They both have actually plastic backs that deserve to easily be pried off to expose the battery.

And that"s an excellent thing, other than human being wanted much better products. Though the Keep in mind 4 had actually a metal frame, the S5"s plastic body and also Band-Aid-favor rear recorded significant flak for being tone-deaf to the metal and glass trfinish that was arising. Samsung switched to a glass and metal "sandwich" style the following year via the S6, and also the company has actually viewed major success from all its phones because then.

Metal and glass bodies ssuggest perform not mix well removable batteries. It"s possible to make one -- the LG G5 was an example of this -- however it"s going to be substantially compromised. Sealed batteries have permitted slimmer designs and the usage of brand-new, more luxurious products that wouldn"t have been aesthetically feasible if they had actually to account for a removable back battery.

Water-resistance: You desire your phone to survive a drop in the pool or toilet? Repel rain? Good, then you want a phone via fewer openings and even more interior sealing that"ll safeguard its computer system bits from frying.

Well, you can not have actually that if you"ve got a cover that can quickly pop off and also cracks that could potentially allow water to seep in. And it"s not simply water. Many kind of phones are dust-resistant, too. Nobody desires tiny rocks or sand also damaging the insides of their phone.

More room for other stuff: I"m not going to acquire into all the nerdy bits things around battery architecture, however a removable battery hogs up even more physical room within the currently tightly-packed confines of a contemporary phone.

Unchoose a sealed battery, a removable battery calls for an added layer of defense to shield it from everyday impact. This adds extra thickness. On a phone where eexceptionally millimeter counts and have the right to be felt in the hand also, there"s bit competitive edge to go thicker when everyone is making their phones thinner.

Instead of wasting area via added padding for the battery, developers and also engineers have the right to fit in other attributes such as much better -- probably even stereo -- speakers, or wireless charging, or better gaskets for weather-resistance, or a fingerprint sensor on the earlier.

Weird-shaped batteries: Removable batteries are additionally limited to fundamentally being rectangles or squares for straightforward installation and removal. And if you recognize anypoint about battery style, you"d know that brand-new phone batteries are built to squeeze even more power through untraditional deindicators.

For instance, the LG G2 offered a "step battery" architecture that packed even more battery into the curved corners, which would certainly typically be wasted with a battery via directly edges. The iPhone X also uses an unique L-shaped battery comprised of two battery cells.

Had these phones offered a removable rectangle-shaped battery, they wouldn"t gain the stellar battery life that they carry out in the very same svelte designs. You"d have a phone that looks favor something enclosed in an Otterbox. Basically, big, hefty, and ugly. And just eww. No thank you.

It"s time to move on


I understand the reasons for wanting a phone via a removable battery. I really carry out.

Removable batteries are even more environmentally friendly because it"ll cause less e-waste because you won"t feel compelcaused upgrade to a brand-new phone if your existing one works simply fine.

They"d make situations like the one Apple"s recorded in a lot easier for users because a fresh battery can settle handle new software application updates that an older battery couldn"t. And you might most likely obtain one for a lot less from a third-party.

Removable batteries also make it less complicated to bring a spare for when you really require it. Like when you"re out late or do not have time to wait for a charge.

But a lot like the death of the PS/2 port, floppy disk, headphone jack, and so on., it"s time to relocate on. Removable batteries were useful -- and also limited by old deindicators and modern technology -- when phones were as thick as a Snickers and weren"t as feature-packed as they are this day.

In a perfect human being, you"d have the ability to get an iPhone X with a removable battery. But we do not live in a perfect people. Ours is filled via tradeoffs. And we"ve all already determined we worth every one of the previously mentioned attributes even more than a removable battery. If we didn"t, the iPhone would have actually passed away a quick death years back.

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So wish all you want. But it"s not going to take place. The future of phones will certainly be also more included through also more tradition parts and also even more sealed than they are currently.