In specific, I"m curious around 2 fights - the initial fight versus the Dummy that Toriel has actually you fight, and also the initially enrespond to with Napstablook.

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To remain on track for this course, do I have to kill Napstablook...

Well, kind of - do I need to diminish his health? He can not actually be eliminated, quite you deplete his wellness and he leaves.

...and also the dummy, or have the right to I mercy these 2 for speedrun purposes?



No. Neither the dummy nor Napstablook count. It is quicker to usage Act->Talk on the dummy, and to grind all encounters in the 3 rock room before Napstablook: if you have currently tired the encounters in RUINS by the time you fulfill Napstablook, he will simply fade amethod.


you deserve to just spare those 2. fighting napstablook actually gets you negative EXP, and taking time, so he"s much better avoided.


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