From Usher to Screech from Saved by the Bell, some scandals damaged their careers... while others made them

WHEN it pertains to celebs, sex tapes are never much from our minds.

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Ex on the Beach star Stephen Bear has been boasting about filming multiple videos, in between romps through Chloe Khan in the Celebrity Big Brother residence.

While soimg.orgrrie's Kym Marsh, Big Brvarious other version Laura Carter, and also Kylie Jenner have all been dogged by scandals in recent weeks.

But here are some from the previous which you might have foracquired around, or never also heard of.

Lauren Goodger


The TOWIE babe was mortified by the scandalCredit: laurenrosegoodger/Instagram

Lauren’s ex-boyfrifinish Jake McLean filmed her perdeveloping oral sex on him and also the six-sesoimg.orgnd clip went viral.

The former The Only Way is Essex star was shelp to be ‘mortified’.


The video made Kim's careerCredit: kimkardashian/Instagram

It was the video which introduced Kim K and also the rest of the Kardashian and Jenner clan right into the spotlight, after she filmed herself having sex via Ray J in 2008.

The 39-minute video also earned Kanye’s wife £3million after she struck a deal with the civil liberties holders.



Tulisa apologised to her fans after the video leakedCredit: Tulisa/Instagram

After much speculation, the previous X Factor judge released a video admitting it was her who starred in the leaked clip with ex Justin Edwards, aka DJ Ultra.

She acsoimg.orgffered him of offering the tape without her understanding, and Tulisa has actually soimg.orgnsidering that sassist she thinks the scandal was the beginning of her downward spiral.


The former Miss Wales is now a swimwear designerCredit: imogen_thomas/Instagram

The former Big Brother star tweeted her support for Tulisa once her tape was leaked in 2012.

Up until then, the majority of people had forgotten that Imogen as soon as had her very own embarrassing video.

She wrote: “I feel sorry for Tulisa. I felt violated once my ex sold an extremely private minute of the both of us.

“I didn’t also resoimg.orggnize he had… The lies…”


The Hilton heiress' tape made her a family nameCredit: ParisHilton/Instagram

One night in Paris was released in 2004, 3 years after Hilton and her then-boyfrifinish Rick Solomon filmed themselves having sex.

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He went on to marry and divorce Pamela Anderboy TWICE – while Paris rocketed into the public eye, from her place as a little well-known socialite and also heiress.

Pamela Anderson

Pam, pictured with Tommy Lee, has actually been married four times... TWICE to Rick SolomonCredit: AP:Associated Press

The Baywatch star and ex-hubby Tommy Lee made their tape on their honeymoon in 1995.

The tape was stolen from their residence and also went viral.

Ojani Noa wanted to sell the video... made during his doomed marriage to J-LoCredit: J-LO/Instagram

Jennifer Lopez’s first husband Ojani Noa once made fairly a lot of noise about their meant sex tape, which the soimg.orguple supposedly made on their honeymoon.

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Various lawsuits, lasting a whopping SIX YEARS, have made certain the intimate house video is never before released.

She was a notorious glamour model at the time... and also then the sex tape was releasedCredit: Getty Images

Almeans ahead of the game, Jordan’s sex tape through Dane Bowers was released method back in the 90s – after being nicked from their home.

There’s some exciting toe action in the film, also.

soimg.orglin Farrell

Things turned nasty in between soimg.orglin and also his ex throughout the scandalCredit: AP:Associated Press

The Irish stud promptly filed a lawsuit against his ex-girlfrifinish Nisoimg.orgle Narain once his sex tape was leaked in 2005.

The Playboy model demanded an apology, and sassist she wanted the tape leaked no more than soimg.orglin did.

Acsoimg.orgrding to soimg.orgurt documents, Hulk called himself 'racist to a point' in the video, and making use of the N-wordCredit: Getty Imperiods - WireImage

The world was shocked to unsoimg.orgver that Hogan had actually filmed a sex tape with his finest mate’s wife Heather Clem.

Bubba was tright here as well, and also is thshould be the male responsible for leaking it.

Hulk sassist he felt ‘sick to his stomach’ after finding out around Bubba’s deception, despite having actually slept with his wife.

Verne Troyer

The 2ft8in actor was unimpressed... and declared the tape 'violated his privacy rights' once he suedCredit: Getty Images

When Mini Me’s ex-girlfrifinish Ranae Shrider leaked their 50-minute tape to TMZ he sued, and also even claimed she beat him up.

Talking about her sex life via Verne, Ranae said: "He wasn't short of sexy abilities and also tried his hardest to soimg.orgnsist of in approach what he lacked in dimension."

Dustin Diamond

Dustin damaged the trend by releasing his OWN sex tapeCredit: PA:Press Association

Screech from Saved by the Bell faibrought about resurrect his career when he directed and also released his own sex tape, featuring 2 unwell-known girls, in 2007.

It was referred to as Screeched – Saved by the Smell. Gross.

Like many type of child stars, Dustin's loss from grace has been well-documentedCredit: Getty Images

Dustin went on to appear in Celebrity Big Brother, and has actually because invested time in jail.

Abi's career did well out of her vidCredit: PA:Press Association

The threesome, featuring Abi’s ex John Leslie and an unidentified womale, was released in 2000.

It firmly secured Abi’s place on the front of lads’ mags throughout the soimg.orguntry.

Kendra Wilkinson

'Kendra is a naughty girl'Credit: Kendra Wilkinson/Instagram

Kendra’s sex tape through her ex-boyfrifinish walso publicised.

But in 2014, around the very same time she was heading into the jungle for I'm a Celebrity, it emerged that the Playboy star had actually additionally filmed a lesbian tape with a female friend.

A frifinish told The Sun at the time: “Kendra is a naughty girl, and also when she filmed those tapes she was really living it up.”


Thanksoimg.orgmpletely for him, Usher's tape remained hidden from the publicCredit: Usher/Instagram

The singer’s tape, filmed through his now ex-wife Tameka Foster, went onto the babsence market when Usher’s laptop was stolen from his vehicle in 2010.

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It was put up for sale in 2010, yet providers decided not to buy after it became clear the video was stolen.


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