Minions are allied monsters summoned by the player. Minions have actually their own damages and their actions are treated totally sepaprice from the summoner's. Minion damages is impacted by Minion Damage passive abilities, some unique items, assistance gems connected to the minion ability gem, auras and also

Necromantic Aegis. Of specific note, assistance gems will certainly assistance the assaults and also spells of the minion if the skill is appropriate. Minions can critically strike yet cannot proc <>. Unfavor totems, minions deserve to get charges.

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When a minion kills an opponent, the player is partially rewarded through the kill. This means:

The player gains flask chargesThe player's IIQ and IIR is included to the minion's support gems values to calculate drops.

Totems, traps and mines are not counted as minions, they are remote abilities.

Minion Targeting

Although minions can't be commanded directly, they deserve to be directed by user actions to strike targets. Attacking an foe via a skill will pressure minions to prioritize that taracquire.

This is beneficial bereason minions tend to be passive otherwise and just strike targets surrounding, or also move through the player rather of attacking foes.

Summoned Skeleloads and also Raging Spirits disregard the player's actions completely and just aggressively strike adversaries within their aggro array, and also Raging Spirits likewise initially attempt to assault targets which are not already being targeted by other Raging Spirits. The aggro selection of Skeletons seems to be much larger than that of Raging Spirits.

Aggressive and also Defensive

Minions have the right to have actually their default habits adjusted by making them Aggressive or Defensive. Aggressive minions will emphasis on attacking any enemies within aggro variety and will not relocate through the player. Defensive minions will emphasis on remaining cshed the the player and also just assault opponents near the player. If a minion is made both Aggressive and also Defensive, it will cancel each various other out (this deserve to be helpful if one desires the get the Taunt chance from

Meat Shield Support and also usage
Feeding Frenzy Support to still have the minions aggro from a normal range).

Sources of Aggressive

Sources of Defensive

Signal Prey

Minion Modifiers

Neither passive abilities nor stats from the player's equipment affect minions unmuch less they specifically state "Minions _____".

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Life flasks through the "of Animation" sufsolve will certainly heal minions life by 40-60% of the flasks recovery. This effect functions even as soon as the player has actually complete life or

Chaos Inoculation. If a player has actually equipped
Umbilicus Immortalis - flasks results use to their spectres and zombies.

List of Modifiers that have the right to generate on magic and rare items: (List does not encompass all modifiers)

Minions deal #% enhanced damageMinions deal # to # added damageMinions have actually #% boosted Attack SpeedMinions have #% raised Cast SpeedMinions have actually #% raised maximum LifeMinions have #% boosted Movement SpeedMinions have # to Accuracy RatingMinions have #% chance to Taunt on Hit with AttacksMinions have actually #% opportunity to Blind on Hit via Attacks# to Level of Socketed Minion Gems

Minion Damage