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Do U Want Anyfing From Macdondald, additionally well-known as Borgar, is an anti-meme based upon the Can a Robot Write a Symphony scene from the 2004 American film I, Robot. Originally a famous entry on /r/okbuddyretard subreddit, the article spawned other edits based upon the design template, while the word "borgar" obtained popularity as a punchline.



The word "macdondald" supposedly initially appeared in a viral screenshot from video game Roblox (displayed below), in which then 8-year-old<1> player jevel57 mistyped a then-renowned joke comparing one"s hairline with the McDonald"s logo. While the original poster of the screenshot is unknown, on August 31st, 2017 Twitter user
conkface<2> posted the initially known circumstances of the image. The article got virtually 100 retweets in 15 months prior to it was deleted.


A bastardisation of the word "burger", "borger" (later, "borgar") supposedly gained notoriety after on August 12th, 2016, Tumblr<3> user officialnickrhodes-remade provided it as a punchline in an edit of Good Evening, Sir. What Would You Like webcomic, which gained over 230,000 likes and also reblogs in three years.


I, Robot Version

On June 14th, 2018, an unwell-known /r/okbuddyretard user submitted a now-deleted post based on Can a Robot Write a Symphony meme layout from 2004 film I, Robot, in which he merged the 2 phrases.


On the very same day, the picture was reposted to /r/dankmemes<4> subreddit, wright here it obtained over 800 upvotes in 6 months. Another repost to /r/me_irl<5> subreddit got over 3,700 upvotes within the exact same period. In comments to the both write-ups, numerous individuals mentioned<6><7> that the photo originated from /r/okbuddyretard subreddit.


In the adhering to months, even more variations of the anti-meme were posted to /r/okbuddyretard<8> and also /r/surrealmemes<9> subreddits, while the original edit was reposted to /r/ooer<10>, /r/ComedyNecrophilia<11> and also other communities.

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Separately from the revised I, Robot exploitable, the words "borgar" and "macdonald" additionally gained popularity as non-sequitur punchlines, through noteworthy examples appearing in /r/okbuddyretard<12> and /r/dankmemes<13> subreddits.