Just curious because tbelow is constantly concerns on here about whether we give bjs because we enjoy them or to make the dude happy.

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So it seems favor a lot of of you guys execute it to please the girl. So once you finger a girl and make her feel great, do you suppose somepoint ago in return: prefer hj, bj, sex?
Thanks 4 the answers. So in conclusion lol it seems that guys finger because they choose to make their girl happy/excited in a a pleasurable way. Although the act of fingering doesn't rotate the male on it is the moaning that results from it that turns the guy
on bereason he feels some type of success. So personally I say that if ur man fingers you really well to make you feel good then you should suck the hell out of his d*** to repay the pleasure. LOL!

We don't specifically feel good, however most it is rotate ons and making her feel great. Guys, choose girls, desire to make our companion feel great, and also fingering is an excellent means to execute that.As far as the revolve on, commonly as soon as a girl is feeling great, she will certainly make a lot of noises, which is a significant revolve on for a guy, which is gratifying in itself. And there's always the feeling of having a component of you inside your girl. The feeling/texture is interesting/feels great, yet not in a pleasure means.
To make the girl happy. Also, it feels great to make a girl happy. A girl that you prefer a lot, anyway.
I think it's just to make the girl feel good. I can't imagine exactly how they would certainly acquire anything out of it unmuch less they obtain turned on bereason they're making the girl turned on
Do males really gain fingering girls? How to interpret his partnership expectations/questions to ask?
When I Eat My Girlfrifinish Out, I Do It Because;1) It Makes Her Feel Good.2) I Like The Taste, LOL ;DAs For Fingering, I Do It Since Guys Shouldn't Always Get Pleacertain, And I'd Actually Rather Finger Her Than Get Noburned Off, As It Makes Her Feel Good About Herself, So I Feel Good About Myself.Hope I've Helped? :-)
I perform it for her. From my own allude of see though, its nice to be able to smell her on my fingers when I get back to my place after that. There's somepoint pretty sexy about that.
Wait... I believed it would mostly revolve men on... because they are imagining just how excellent it would feel to put their penis inside her!...

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