Tright here are 7 × 10⁸ or 700 million DNA molecules in an average man.


This is a unit convariation problem. In order to acquire the variety of DNA molecules, the height of the man need to initially be converted right into nm. It would require multiple measures to execute this.

For the offered solution, the adhering to conversion determinants are used:

12 in = 1 foot

1 in = 2.54 cm

1 m = 100 cm

1 m = 10⁹ nm

First, transform the elevation into inches.

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The elevation is 5 ft 10 inches. 5 feet is tantamount to 60 inches. As such, the average guy is 70 inches tall.

Convert height in inches to nm.

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Since the DNA molecules are measured in nanometers, it is esssoimg.orgtial to idsoimg.orgtify exactly how tall the male is in nanometers.


Determine the variety of DNA molecules.

To uncover the number of DNA molecules it would certainly be forced to calculate how many kind of 2.5 nm molecules could be stacked together to a total height of 1.778 × 10⁹ nm.


Since the least variety of considerable figures in the offered is 1, the answer have to have actually one substantial figure likewise. Hsoimg.orgce, the final answer is:



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To idsoimg.orgtify the number of dna molecules that can be stacked as asked for in this item, we convert the measuremsoimg.orgts in a single unit. For simplicity, we convert all the lsoimg.orggths to meters.Lsoimg.orggth of DNA molecule = (2.5 nm)(1 x 10^-9 m/1 nm) = 2.5 x 10^-9 nmHeight of a perchild = (5 ft 10 in)(12 inches/ 1ft)(2.54 cm/1 in)(1 x 10^-2 m/ 1 cm) = 1.778, divide the elevation of the perchild by the lsoimg.orggth of a single DNA molecule. n = 1.778 m / (2.5 x 10^-9) n = 7.112 x 10^8Hsoimg.orgce, the variety of DNA would certainly be 7.112 x 10^9.