Everything you have to recognize to gain the Division 2 Dodge City Gunslinger’s Holster, the initially Exotic Holster in the game


At the minute, the Division 2 Exotic Holster is only accessible on the public test server (PTS) however dedicated players have identified exactly how to get it already. It’s dubbed the Dodge City Gunslinger’s Holster and it’s the initially exotic armor piece in The Division 2, despite the reality there’s a entirety host of Division 2 Exotics when it pertains to tools. If you’re playing on the PTS and also you want to hunt for the Division 2 Exotic Holster now - or you’re reading this once it’s gone live on the main servers - we’ve got whatever you should understand around exactly how to get the Division 2 Dodge City Gunslinger’s Holster.

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Due to the fact that the Division 2 Exotic Holster is the first item of exotic armor in the game, this is somewhat uncharted area for everyone. Unfortunately, obtaining the Dodge City Gunslinger’s Holster is easier sassist than done as well, bereason there’s a number of components to collect and steras to complete.

Firstly, you should head over to the blueprint seller in the Base of Operations. She’s the one near the recalibration station and crafting bench. She must have the Holster Intel: Go West, Young Agent project available for purchase. Buy it, then head to the Riverside Gas Station regulate suggest which is the one in the much west of the map. Take it over at any level and also in the rewards cache should be the Fast Leather Belt component.

Now you have to hunt for 3 more components, which are each locked behind level 4 manage points. Not specific ones though; you need to take over any Outcast, True Sons, and also Hyena control suggest, via each one upgraded to level four. If you’ve done it effectively, the last wave need to have a named enemy wearing a cowboy hat. When you’ve completed each one, you must get the Ornate Leather Holster, Inverted Leather Holster, and also Oiled Hammer Guards.

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Now it’s time to get the fourth and last component. Go earlier to the White Housage and also grab the following job which is referred to as Showdvery own at High Noon Saloon. It’s just eastern of the White House, on the border for Downtvery own East, but you have to ensure you display up shortly after 12pm, for this reason it being referred to as “High Noon Saloon”. If you turn up prior to, the Black Tusk adversaries won’t present up. You have the right to inspect the in-game time by entering photo mode.

If you revolve up after high noon, a bunch of Black Tusk opponents will generate. Kill all of them, and the named enemy should have actually the Holster: Rind component on him. Head ago to the White Housage and also submit the completed job to be rewarded through all the relevant parts, together with the Exotic Holster blueprint. You’ll likewise require one Providence and one Petrov holster to craft it.

Division 2 Exotic Holster talents

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The Dodge City Gunslinger’s Holster, prefer all exotic items in the game, has actually three distinct talents:

Sleight of Hand: +20% Accuracy+20% Stability+40% Repack Speed+400% Optimal Range+20% Revolver DamageRequires a Pistol to be equipped.Fast Draw: Swapping to your pistol reloads all weapons.Perforator: Shots fired from your pistol permeate opponents.Pistol headswarm kills provide +20% weapon damages and permits your major and additional weapons to penetrate adversaries for 8s. This duration is raised to 11s when making use of a revolver.

So essentially, to make the many of this holster, you better get that Magnum equipped, partner.

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