In order to harness your full company potential, SMS and also message projects are the method to go. With a worldwide reach of 190+ countries and also partnership via 800+ mobile netfunctions, it is safe to say business-instrumental SMS is at the heart of what we perform.

The civilization of SMS can be confmaking use of and also for those still gaining to grips with the basics, the last point we want to see after texting a brand brand-new customer about an upday is a "faicaused deliver" notification. For that factor, tbelow has actually never before been a far better time to decode the message message condition.

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It starts with knowledge the jargon.

Industry jargon have the right to be overwhelming and in the worst cases, it may cause you to give up totally. However, at, we utilise universal terms comparable to those supplied throughout the board of texting services. Here we cover the global interpretation of our 4 primary terms and also the straightforward solution for each.



SENT = Blog post has been submitted to the cellular netjob-related or carrier for distribution.

"Sent" provides the impression of smooth cruising but the journey of your SMS message to your customer"s device has just begun.

This is wright here a lot of businesses breathe a sigh of relief and also proceed with their day, confident that their customer has got the alert around their taxi arriving, only to uncover out later that the message “faicaused send” and led to untold grief to the customer. We aim to equip you through the tools to spot this and also rectify it.

At this phase, your message message has actually not reached the customer yet yet has got to the server that delivers it to the customer.

Losing internet connection during this time will certainly cause the text message to fail to reach the intended phone user and might result in a "fairesulted in send" notification.

Why is my message stuck on SENT?

Although we use an adaptive routing mechanism, busy periods deserve to reason congestion for mobile networks. Sometimes if it"s super busy, a server might sheight their service completely.

If your customer"s phone is turned off, the message will certainly fail to acquire via to their phone. A message will certainly expire after 72 hrs but as soon as the phone is switched on the SMS will go through.

If the text stays in the "Sent" status and does not say "failed" assume it will certainly reach your customer in due time.

A customer might be on a phone speak to or busy once you send your SMS, so protect against sfinishing even more than one SMS. If after 72 hours, the SMS is still stuck on "sent", resfinish the text.


DELIVERED = confirmation the message has reached the recipient"s phone but falls short to display if it has actually been "seen" yet.

"Delivered" is an excellent authorize. It indicates that the message is prepared and waiting for them to open it.

The service provider has actually currently got confirmation that the message has been delivered to the recipient"s phone. We then get a signal stating that the SMS message has actually been yielded. In rare situations - Some components of the world perform not have a innovative mobile netjob-related and also a distribution report have the right to fail, resulting in the condition of a text message to reprimary as "sent" also though it has been delivered.

When message standing reports are accessible there are still some cases of us acquiring a “delivered” status as soon as the customer’s phone has not obtained the message . This can be because of a complete inbox or tool memory concerns, so clearing the cache and restarting the gadget deserve to perform the trick.


FAILED = Service provider did not accept the message of the carrier and also shipment is not feasible.

Don"t be jarred, this is a basic solve. A messaging carrier could reject the message as a result of technological problems quite than human error.

In our situation, these problems tfinish to be rare since’s adaptive routing mechanism helps to avoid operator problems by utilizing alternative relations so tright here is a high opportunity we have the right to take care of it.

What are the reasons for a failed message message?

Peak operating times are commonly 3-5 pm on any day of the week A component of the SMS is missing Technical company obstacles

Fast fixes

Resend the message messages Radepend, relations can drop and also cause the text to fail Double-check that the number is correct and the SMS is complete and not lacking any type of digits


UNDELIVERED = Service provider got an alert saying the message is "Undelivered"

An "undelivered" status is a result of the phone, phone number, or content in the SMS being incorrect or unsuitable. Sending a message to an invalid number is the many most likely cause of the issue.

Before mass-texting even more phone numbers than you deserve to count, it"s worth assessing the quality of phone numbers in the database you are making use of. Although they could have actually 11 characters and all be numbers, fifty percent of them can be mistyped, landlines, or also fakes. We may be living later on however texting a landline is space-age. Jokes aside, it"s crucial that your database has actually the correct format.

Attention to detail is key

Check that each phone number is uniform via one one more.

Counattempt codes are an instance of where many type of go wrong. The device deserve to end up transporting message messeras to unintfinished numbers by utilizing the initially numbers of the non-nation coded number as the nation code. This is among the the majority of common issues a business have the right to confront and the sign that you are texting gorganize numbers isn"t constantly so clear.

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Perks of being a customer:

For our clients, the ideal method to make certain the SMS numbers are valid and able to receive the message is to use the Number Lookup API to examine the numbers before any kind of campaign.

Be vigilant

Text messages from throughout the world will certainly be got differently i.e. India might be even more strict on content regulation than the UNITED STATE We advise assessing the content via your support team to proccasion "Undelivered" problems.

Checklist before the SMS campaign

Check the numbers are valid and not a landline numberIf marketing throughout the globe, consider exactly how each nation will receive the message and also if any legislations prohibit the content you are sharingAre you about to bulk-text during a busy period? Try an prevent the times in between 3 - 5 pm on any kind of provided dayIs the customer you are messaging in a country wbelow foreign numbers are blocked?If tright here is an worry with the distribution of an SMS, will certainly you have actually a arrangement b or loss back-approach to attempt it again?Are customer"s devices qualified of receiving the content you are messaging them? i.e. is the content also large in dimension to send using text?