With the rise of the Light level cap and also alters to the upgrade economic climate, Destiny fans will desire to be playing the appropriate tasks to level approximately 400 Light quick.

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With the increase of the Light level cap and changes to the upgrade economic situation, Destiny fans will desire to be playing the appropriate activities to level approximately 400 Light rapid.

With the launch of Wrath of the Machine"s Heroic Setting, Destiny"s Light level cap has boosted from 385 to 400 Light. Destiny fans that were formerly listed below the 385 Light level cap need to have little bit difficulty hitting 385 and also founding their journey to 400, gave they are mindful of which activities and also resources will certainly gain them tright here.

As thorough in a previous story, Destiny"s upgrade economic situation gained an overhaul through Heroic Mode"s release, taking Rare engrams from a 340 Light cap to a 365 Light cap. Likewise, the continuous SIVA Situation Strike playlist has likewise been adjusted to drop up to 365 Light items.

Meanwhile, Legendary engrams and the SIVA Strike Heroic playlist have actually been increased from 365 Light drops to 385 Light. Weapons and also armor earned in Archon"s Forge has actually additionally been raised to 385. The Common Mode Wrath of the Machine raid remains at dropping 385 items.

There is an additional stair step prior to 400 Light, and that contains activities that drop approximately 390 Light loot. Here are the places to obtain 390 Light gear:

Vanguard Reputation Packages Crucible Reputation Packperiods Faction Reputation Packperiods Crota"s Bane Reputation Packages: As a side note, this is a great source for Artifacts, which have the right to drop once ranking up a level through Eris Morn. Queen"s Wrath Reputation Packages: Yes, refremelted equipment at high Light can now come from Petra Venj. Pick up her weekly bounties to rank up, or turn in some Etheric Light for reputation gains. Housage of Judgement Reputation Packages: Challenge of the Elders remajor relevant. Pop a Housage of Judgement booster and grind the three bosses in Challenge of the Elders to raise your rank faster. Gunsmith Reputation Packages: The Gunsmith might not have gained brand-new guns to lug in Rise of Iron, but the Light level of the firearms he does market continues to be pertinent. With Year 2 weapons still being "Infusable" it is still worth doing Banshee"s bounties. Trials of Osiris Gold Bounties: The "His Eye Upon You" bounty, which can be picked up new each day of Trials will drop old Year 2 Trials equipment, but at up to 390 Light.

Finally, for that last leg of the journey to 400, here are the sources that will approve as much as 400 Light loot:

Exotic Engrams Strike Hoard Chests Nightautumn Strike Archon"s Forge Ghosts, Artifacts, and Class Items: While tools and also armor will just drop approximately 385, Archon"s Forge is now a good source to uncover those difficult to uncover items that regularly host up Guardians from relocating up in Light.

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Wrath of the Machine Heroic Setting Crucible Post-Match Legendary Drops Iron Banner Post-Match Legendary Drops Trials of Osiris Post-Match Drops and also Lighthouse Chest Loot Lord Shaxx Weekly Bounties Iron Lord Bounties

Be certain to also inspect out this visual guide to grinding for max Light in Rise of Iron, developed by Reddit user Cooldude9210.