Destiny 2 is a good game. It has some of the finest gunplay of any kind of shooter out there (it originates from the creators of Halo, after all) and functions numerous points to execute.

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Problem is, new players are conveniently overwhelmed and developer Bungie does little bit to help them learn the ropes. This outcomes in many kind of giving up way also quickly. A new Tutorial was freshly presented to much better describe the game to beginners, yet it’s still not sufficient.

But are afraid not. After reading this guide (which I’m keeping as brief as possible), you’ll have a great knowledge of how the game works and also just how to finest reap it.


Once you have actually the pursuit in your inventory, you have the right to launch it from the Director when choosing the Cosmodrome.

3. Leveling Up & XP in Destiny 2

In Destiny 2, your character’s level works in a different way than in many MMOs. For example, your Guardian will begin at 1350 Power Level, which means it’ll be solid enough to tackle most core activities on Day 1. But as you progress in the direction of more difficult content, you’ll require a greater Power Level which caps at a maximum of 1560.

The road to Max Power Level

This is how Power Levels work in Destiny 2:

1. Your Power Level dictates exactly how much damages you inflict and also get.

2. All activities have actually a recommfinished Power Level, you’ll desire to be as cshed to it as feasible.

3. Your Power Level is 100% established by the Level of your equipable gear. By equipable, this implies you don’t have to equip your highest possible Power Level weapon at all times. You simply should keep it on your character or in your vault to count in the direction of your average Power Level.

4. Tbelow are various level caps that call for rewards from more difficult content to continue leveling up.

This chart summarizes what equipment will certainly be essential to rise your Power Level until getting to that elusive Max Power Level, presently set at 1560:

Level CapPower LevelGear needed
Starting Level1350
Soft Cap1500Any
Hard Cap1550Powerful
Pinnacle Cap1560Pinnacle

This indicates you have to constantly pay attention to the Power Level of the gear you discover. If somepoint has a greater Power Level on a details slot (Heavy weapon, helmet, etc) than what you currently have, save it until you uncover somepoint higher. This consists of Blue gear, which is otherwise useless outside of leveling up.

Any piece of equipment will certainly aid you increase your Power Level to 1500 (the soft cap). After that, you’ll need to tackle particular tasks that reward Powerful Gear to reach level 1550 and also then Pinnacle Gear to reach level 1560. While leveling up, just make sure you never before dismantle a piece of equipment unless you have somepoint via a higher Power Level on that very same slot.

Example: Even if you understand you’ll never usage that ugly blue helmet you simply found, keep it till you find an additional helmet with an equal or greater Power Level.

Infutilizing weapons

As you level up, your favorite gear, particularly tools, will certainly easily have a Power Level that is as well low to usage. You can use a mechanic dubbed “infusion” to take another item through a greater Power Level and also damage it to increase the Power Level of your preferred item.

This suggests you can usage infusion to continuously boost the Power Level of your favorite tools. Infusion does cost sources, therefore, store it to a minimum, specifically at the beginning. From Power Levels 1350 to 1500, you’ll level up so fast, infusing is a astronomical waste of resources.

My advice:

1. As your favorite weapons are left behind in regards to Power Level, store them in your vault.

2. In parallel, experiment through the new, greater Power Level tools you find along the means, even if they aren’t good on paper. This will certainly allow you to attempt many various weapon forms and inevitably discover the tools that job-related best for you.


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Once you reach a high sufficient Power Level, you have the right to usage infusion to boost the Power level of some of your favorite tools stored in the vault and also usage those in even more complicated content.

This guide covers specifically all the Powerful and also Pinnacle resources in the game and also provides tips and strategies on just how to level up fast: