With Destiny 2 releasing on PC tomorrow, players will certainly be looking to pick up some of the finest weapons that they have the right to get their hands on, and the Origin Story Legendary Auto Rifle is absolutely one that you perform not want to miss out on. Today we’ll present you exactly how to gain the Origin Story Legendary Auto Rifle in Destiny 2, and also go over the weapon’s stats, that way you understand exactly what you’re acquiring yourself right into once you pick this weapon up.

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How to Get the Origin Story

The Origin Story is a Legendary variant of the Auto Rifle that players originally get throughout the initially mission of Destiny 2’s main storyline. It’s increased stats, and also the capability to have the ability to Infusage other items into it make it even more than worth the moment that you’ll have to invest to unlock it, and it’s absolutely an Auto Rifle that we suggest players pick up as conveniently as feasible. For more help via weapons that you should acquire your hands on, be sure to examine out our overview on the ideal tools in Destiny 2.

Getting the Origin Story won’t be a basic process, or well it might be. It really all relies on your luck of the attract once it comes to decoding engrams. See, in order to obtain the Origin Story Legendary Auto Rifle, you’re going to need to earn yourself some Vanguard Tactician Engrams, which deserve to only be acquired by ranking up your Vanguard Rank in Destiny 2.

How to Upgrade Vanguard Rank

As we declared above, the only method to get the Origin Story is to unlock it via decrypting Vanguard Tactician Engrams. Now, these items are only acquired by ranking up your Vanguard Faction reputation, which have the right to only be done by earning Vanguard Tactician Tokens. Luckily, these items are conveniently rewarded by ssuggest completing Strikes in Destiny 2, so all you really must execute to level this Factivity Reputation up is sindicate finish Strikes, and also then take the Vanguard Tactician Tokens that you earn and also revolve them in to Commander Zavala in The Tower.

Origin Story Weapon Stats

Now that you recognize just how to obtain the Origin Story, and just how to upgrade your Vanguard Rank and earn even more Vanguard Tactician Engrams, let’s take a look at the Origin Story’s weapon stats, so you deserve to see what sort of perks and damages you’ll be looking at.



Precision Frame –This weapon fires a long-selection precision energy bolt. The weapon"s recoil is even more predictable and also vertical.

Sight / Barrel

Hitnote IS - Agile sight. Short zoom.

Greatly boosts the weapon’s Handling Speed.Slightly rises the weapon’s Range.

Red Dot 2 MOA - Snapswarm sight. Brief zoom.

Slightly boosts the weapon’s Range.Increases weapon’s Handling Speed.

Red Dot Micro - Agile sight. Short zoom.

Increasesweapon’s Range.Increases weapon’sHandling Speed.

Magazine / Battery

Appended Mag - This weapon"s magazine is constructed for greater capacity.

Increases weapon’smagazine dimension.

Flared Magwell - Optimized for quick reloading.

Slightly increasesweapon’s Stability.Greatly increases weapon’sRepack Speed.


Ramweb page - Kills with this weapon temporarily give enhanced damages. Can be stacked approximately 3x.

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Now that you recognize exactly how to gain the Origin Story Legendary Auto Rifle, be sure to head earlier over to our Destiny 2 guide for even more useful short articles to assist you as you attempt to stop the Cabal and save the Traveler from its fate.