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Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers tease that Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) will certainly share another warm minute via Eric (Greg Vaughan). Since Eric recently made a decision to take a job at the Horton Center, he’ll be moving back to Salem next week. Jennifer will be excited about a potential future through Eric. She’ll feel prefer he’s finally beginning to let go of his pain and also self-loathing.

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Of course, Jennifer knows that Eric is going to have lingering struggles. She’s just happy that he’s moving in the best direction. Days of Our Lives spoilers state that Jennifer will certainly talk to Eric around what’s in save for him. She’ll wonder if she could be part of his plans. Jennifer and Eric will finish up sharing a kiss during this deep conversation.


Unfortunately, DOOL spoilers say Eric will certainly break Jennifer’s heart. After their smooch, he’ll reiteprice that he can’t be through her. Eric wants to concentprice on solving his mess of a life. He can’t be responsible for supporting someone else’s requirements. Eric just isn’t in an excellent location and that wouldn’t be beneficial for their romance.

Will Jennifer accept Eric’s decision or continue her efforts to guide him? We’ll have to wait and watch, however Eric has actually plenty of other Salemites to interact through. First, Days spoilers disclose that Eric will certainly decide it’s time to seek forgiveness from Maggie (Suzanne Rogers).


Daniel’s (Shawn Christian) death was devastating for his mommy. Maggie still cries as soon as she thinks around how her son’s life was reduced short. However, Maggie is a very foroffering woman. After Eric comes to her with a heartfelt apology, she’ll promise that she doesn’t organize his mistakes versus him.

Likewise, Brady (Eric Martsolf) understands that Eric regrets his actions. He wishes points could’ve turned out in different ways, but what’s done is done. All they can carry out is try to emphasis on the future. Days spoilers suggest that Brady will certainly fulfill up with Eric for a hug and some type words. They’ll revive their bond and also attempt to relocate forward.


Sadly, Nicole (Arianne Zucker) isn’t going to foroffer Eric anytime soon. Days of Our Lives spoilers say Eric will write one more letter to his former flame. He can actually send this one rather of stashing it ameans or ripping it up. Nicole may not be willing to review it – at leastern not yet. She’s still furious over Eric’s reckless actions.

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Will Eric ever before make progression through Nicole? Could he someexactly how come to her rescue and also repair some of the damage to their relationship? We’ll provide you updates as even more news comes in. Stay tuned to DOOL and don’t foracquire to inspect CDL frequently for the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers, updates and news. Come and also join in the LIVE conversation on our Facebook Page.