I’m just going to acquire directly into this. I am 32 years old (turning 33 in 3 months) and I have actually been in a connection via my SO for 4 years and also a couple of months. He is 34 years and will be 35 in 2 months. We have actually lived together for 2 years, we both have incredibly great work. I have actually told him that I desire to acquire married and have children and also he has actually said he does too. In the beginning of our partnership I didn’t really think around marriage so Ididn’tlug it up until we were together for 2 and half years.That’sonce I realized I did want to obtain married & via him. In priorrelationshipsI never before wanted to or felt prepared to gain married. When I brought it uphe sassist hedidn’tfeel prepared at that minute but sooner or later yes he did desire to and I was ok with that bereason I had actually just begun to feel ready.

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Rapid forward to 3 years and a few months I brought it up aacquire, I just asked if he had actually thought about it or if he felt any type of closer. He sassist he hadn’t really thought about it he was simply happy and enjoying our partnership (which we execute have actually a pretty excellent relationship) We have no drama, like any couple we have actually arguments yet nopoint significant and also we deal with it usually within the hour. We freshly celebrated our 4yr anniversary and also I assumed he would propose yet he didn’t. Suddenly I find myself upset thinking around it. It doesn’t help that human being are constantly asking when is it going to take place. Of course various other friends/family members have acquired involved or married newly & I think why not me?

I carry out have to include that I think my age provides me even more anxious. If I was 27 & in this partnership I think I’d be ok. I also don’t think inultimatums. My ideal frifinish did one and she is happily married but I recognize myself and I recognize I’d always question if he really wanted to or if he would resent out me for it.

I don’t also recognize what my question is lol I just am wondering if there are other women who have gone through this? How did you manage it? Is tbelow any advice?

2 years ago

I think you should calmly figure out what you would certainly want your life to look choose. If he does not desire to acquire married would you be ok breaking this relationship off? Do you want to get married because it’s what you want or is it bereason of the pressure. Figure out why you desire to get married, probably compose it dvery own to remind yourself to be strong. After you have yourself figured out then sit through your SO define to him precisely that and also exactly how crucial it is to you. Ask him if marriage is something he really sees in future for him and also for him and also you. In exactly how long. Come up via a time line together.

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Try to talk about what could be holding him back? If he does say that yes he desires marriage and he wants it via you then come up via an acceptable time line, I would keep it within 6 months or much less relying on finances, money and so on But prior to you set a time line you have to be certain and also you have to move out/ break up if he does not come with otherwise it will certainly be usemuch less. He could provide you a million excuses yet you need to be strong and also relocate on.