Jo & Slade: Date My Ex kicked off last night via Jo De La Rosa going on days through 4 guys, while her ex-fianc Slade Smiley watched grimly from the sidelines… and also every so regularly dispensed mob man tough talk to her prospective suitors.

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“When it comes to Jo, she’s household,” he says. “Nobody messes with my household.” Michael, a 6 ft. 6 in. sales representative that stood well above the various other contenders, known the declaration for what it really was and also renoted, “Slade peed on the tree and also noted his turf.”

While the males, that were hooffered together under one roof, were taking their cues from the pet kingdom, our girl Jo was oblivious to all the testosterone-laden turf drama. She, via the help of 2 girlfriends Katy Metz and Myia Ingoldsby, was busy prepping for her days at a adjacent residence. Don’t we all wish we had actually BFF’s like Katy and also Myia, who helpfully advise Jo to “skip the underwear.” As Jo heads out for her dates, Slade sits at home moping and also eavesdropping via computer system. Jo’s first suitor Martin takes her our for dinner and also dancing. She later describes the 31-year old actual estate agent as “Mini-Slade.” That, we gather, is not a good thing as she and the regular-sized Slade are no longer together.

On her following day, Jo is treated to an adundertaking on the high seas as Michael teaches her to fish–then renders her watch him gut their capture. (Hint to future contestants: don’t make Jo, or any type of girl, watch you gut a fish on the initially day.) The pair manage to occupational up an appetite and share breakquick on the height deck.”I certainly could have actually done without the guts,” Jo says afterwards.

When Michael gets earlier to the men’s residence, Slade throws in his beneficial 2 cents: “If you’re going to take Jo fishing, it might be fishing for a new Louis Vuitton bag.”

Where Michael fchanged, Hollyhardwood talent manager David doesn’t make the same mistake. He sends Jo a Louis Vuitton scarf before their date. It comes in handy: he offers it on their date to blindfold Jo and also lead her to a roofheight wright here a helicopter awaited them. David’s spirits and also confidence were flying high as he verified Jo his hometvery own from thousands of miles off the ground. “I’d be able to market her a lot more than… Slade,” he claims.

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For the final date of the night, Jo goes rock climbing via 26-year-old Nelson. “I’ve always wanted to go!” Jo squeals excitedly. The pair reap the view–namely, complimenting each others butts as they climb.

Slade is jealous of Nelboy and also Jo’s new “butt buddy” status, yet is a lot of apprehensive around David’s intentions. Before the elimicountry ceremony, he pulls David aside and also accprovides him of being on the show specifically to even more his career. “I don’t really like you, so I think you must drop out,” Slade tells him matter-of-factly. (Watch the clip.)

During the elimicountry ceremony, David says that he has actually no intention of quitting. As he so eloquently said previously in the episode, “I think Jo’s a warm chick–why not loss in love?”

So as Slade watched on in horror, Jo picks David to move forward and told the other three that she believed they should “simply be friends.” –Shreya Baxi

Tell us: How does Jo & Slade compare to various other dating fact shows? Do you think David is really into Jo?

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