Hey "Star Wars" nerds! You do not have to be Kylo Ren to gain your hands on that melted Darth Vader helmet.

And you do not need to be Chewbacca (or Han Solo) to get your paws on that bowcaster.

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The Walt Disney Company type of (DIS)and its subsidiary Lucasfilm have introduced a line of made-to-order replicas of some of the well known props from last year"s film, "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."

They"ll be made by the same studio that renders the actual props for the movies. And via pretty steep prices, these items are plainly aimed at only the most deep-pocketed "Star Wars" fans.

You do not have to be Kylo Ren to acquire your hands on Darth Vader"s melted helmet. Made-to-order replicas are marketing for $3,500.

The centerpiece of the repertoire is the Vader helmet, burnt posthumously in the funeral pyre on the woodland moon of Endor in "Star Wars: Episode VI- Rerevolve of the Jedi" means earlier in 1983. The melted helmet made a dramatic appearance in "The Force Awakens," where the brooding Kylo Ren had somejust how gained a host of it. It"s the the majority of expensive prop, at $3,500, and also tright here will just be 500 of them made.

Like the Vader helmet, the bloody FN-2187 stormtrooper helm is a limited edition, capped at 500.

There"s also a limited-edition FN-2187 stormtrooper helmet, bloody handprint consisted of, that will go for $1,750. And tright here are two various other helmets: Kylo Ren, priced at $2,000, and Poe Dameron, the X-Wing pilot, that will cost $1,500.

Kylo Ren"s battle-worn helmet is additionally obtainable, with prop replicas going for $2,000.

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The lot functions four "Star Wars" weapons, including Chewbacca"s bowcaster, the crossbow-style blaster, priced at $2,500. When Solo lastly acquired approximately to borrowing it in a laser fight in the last movie, he exclaimed, "I choose this point."

The weapon props additionally include the lightsabers that belonged to Kylo Ren and also Rey, which expense $1,250 each, and Rey"s staff, for $1,250. The Kylo Ren lightsaber has actually the unmistakable, and extraordinary, red quillons that increased eyebrows among fans.

Han Solo was thrilled as soon as he ultimately acquired his hands on Chewbacca"s bowcaster. Now everybody deserve to gain one, for $2,500.

The props will certainly be made at Propshop making use of 3D printing innovation.

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Disney and Lucasfilm shelp the props are "virtually similar to those watched on display screen," and will certainly be packed in customized wooden crates comparable to the real crates offered to ship the props.