Tright here are plenty of fun and also overpowered builds you can make in Dark Souls 2, and below we go over the ideal ones.

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In honor of the upcoming Elden Ring drop, it's time we took a look back at some of the the majority of fun, overpowered, and also wackiest builds in Dark Souls 2. Dark Souls 2 has the a lot of variety of equipment of any kind of Souls title therefore far. On height of that, Dark Souls 2 does not have actually a soul-level "cap" favor the first or third game in the series, rather opting for opponents that will sheight spawning after ten kills. As an outcome, this game can be an tremendous outlet for some damaged builds beforehand in the game.

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Dark Souls 2 is, perhaps, the least appreciated of the Souls titles. Because of this and also the enormous item pool, many type of tools, and armor sets deserve to go unappreciated. Dark Souls 2 has actually a construct for eexceptionally playstyle and eexceptionally situation, so scrape that Souls itch and start a new run via among these fun builds.

Updated March 4, 2022 by Gavin Looker: With Elden Ring's recent release, the gaming world is back in a state of Soulsborne hype. Looking earlier at Dark Souls 2, it's well-related to as a game through copious customizcapability alternatives, so we've added a couple of more instance builds to this list to obtain your artistic juices flowing.


Have you ever before wanted to bring some whimsy to the grim human being of Dark Souls? Then this is the construct for you. The Moon Butterfly collection can be bought in Majula in NG+. This collection will certainly develop poison in any kind of adversary that comes also cshed. Combine this armor through the Spotted Whip, and also you deserve to build an extremely distinct insect develop.

This build does come through some considerable drawbacks. Its helmet can just be acquired on NG+2, and also whips are very low damages weapons so this build depends on inflicting poikid and also evading. Therefore, adversaries that are immune to poichild will be a huge headache. On the bideal side, the wings actually dampen fall damage, so attribute and also fashion! Beware of Heide's Tower of Flame with this construct - the Old Knights in this location will certainly be immune to poison. Given that this is an early area, these adversaries can certainly provide a headache.


They say the ideal offense is an excellent defense. Never has actually that saying been truer than in this build. Dark Souls 2 was well-known for its revamping of the dual-wielding mechanic, making fairly literally any type of weapon viable in a dual-wielding capacity. Slap 2 massive greatshields into this equation and you have actually a recipe for among the the majority of iconic builds of this title.

Wear the heaviest armor you deserve to toleprice for poise. Then collect both the Reeve and also Orma Greatsheilds. Pump Vigor, Vitality, and Strength right into the character, and prepare to literally steamroll any enemies in your path. This can also be a great construct for a beginner. After all, the difficulty of a Souls game is considerably diminished once nopoint deserve to hit you.


More plain than the previous builds, but no much less effective. Dark sorceries were an additional innovation for this enhancement to the Souls saga. Just like any new addition to the series, Dark Magic is sufficiently broken.

Place 50 into Intelligence, and 45 into Faith. Dark Magic scales on Faith and Intelligence, but on the reduced of the 2 stats. A dark-infsupplied suncollection staff is really all you must make this build snowsphere, and it supplies twinkling titanite to reinforce, so this have the right to be maxed out reasonably early on.


Any of those who have actually played through this installment of the Souls series will certainly remember facing dvery own the Smelter Demons, and the headache they inevitably cause. Sexactly how off your mastery of dominating these huge foes through this construct.

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Kill the initially Smelter Demon to gain access to his armor and sword. Then kill the aged Smelter Demon to access the Aged Smelter Sword. With that done, pump your Strength to 60. This will certainly permit you to successfully dual-wield these huge swords. Dump the rest of your points right into vitality and also then right into Intelligence if you have the right to afford it, to maximize damages. Keep in mind that this construct will need a few Fraprovide Branches of Yore to come to be obtainable, so make certain you have actually a few on hand also.

Dark Souls can be a punishing endure as soon as adversaries have the right to hit you. Take that obstacle ameans by equipping both the Large Club and the Great Club.

This construct needs 42 Strength to effectively dual-wield the tools together. Once this requirement is met though, combat via normal opponents becomes a thing of the previous. These 2 clubs have unequaled pancaking capacity, so any kind of mob that dares to method you will certainly be laid flat on their ago in no time. Both tools require titanite to reinforce so prepare to farm!

Live out your fantasy of being a world-famed boxer via this surprisingly powerful develop. This construct only requires 2 Caestus, so there is many room to tweak the damage output to your liking.

To dual-wield Caesti, only 15 Strength is required. This means that all stats deserve to be put right into Strength and Dexterity for maximum physical damages. Alternatively, if it is established that a tiny sting is needed for this develop try putting stats right into Faith and also Intelligence while infusing one via Chaos and the other with Magic.

An oldie yet a goodie, Pyromancy is just one of the the majority of effective and also functional trees in Dark Souls 2. With 24 unique Pyromancies to pick from, this develop have the right to be tailored to extreme damage or too much defense based on require. It deserve to be refreshing to constantly swap out spells and also approaches, as Dark Souls 2 is one of the longest games in the franchise.

Dual-spec 50/50 into Faith and Intelligence. Placed on the Fire Clutch Ring and the King's Ring, both of which increase your fire damages output. Take the Clear Bluestone Ring +2 for a 22 percent spell casting rate bonus. Burn all who oppose you to ash.

The Purser's ability to only truly pursue via a single room is disappointing. To combat that, this construct have the right to make a player into a truly threatening foe via pursuit as its layout.

Get your hands on the Sacred Chime Hammer, and also the Affinity Hex. The Weapon Art of the hammer and also the Hex have the exact same result. They produce balls of homing dark power roughly the player's head. Imbue the Sacred Chime Hammer with Dark to rise the power of its Weapon Art, and also let your remnants of humankind go after your foes until the end of time.

Magic has always been known to be a powerful offensive tool in Dark Souls. But simply pointing and also casting at adversaries deserve to be a little bit boring. To spice points up put away that magic stave and replace it with something a small flashier.

Pump toughness to 40 and also collect the Aged Smelter Demon Sword again. Next off pump Intelligence to 50 however don't collect any spells or staves. Instead, acquire the Moonlight Greatsword, and equip it as your off-hand also weapon. The Moonlight Greatsword's Weapon art is that it shoots effective magical beams forward. Anytime you'd generally use spells, just usage the sword's Weapon Art rather.

It should be no surpincrease that Havel's build continues to be among the biggest given that it seems favor a brand-new hero recycles his equipment eincredibly thousand years or so. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery after all.

Collect Havel's collection, and also pump Strength and Faith to 50. Equip your favorite miracles, and infuse Dragon's Tooth through lightning. Finally, set Vitality up high sufficient so that you deserve to relocate. It's a straightforward build, yet Dragon's Tooth have the right to pancake any kind of adversary that gets close, and also lightning miracles deserve to be offered to snipe any type of enemies that are out of reach. Not to point out you won't think the damage this construct is qualified of once it is completed.

Nothing feels quite as good as beating an adversary via brains fairly than brawn. If this sounds prefer your play style, try out this next develop. For this one, gain your hands on the Shadow Dagger, the Eagle Shield, and the best "Ultra" class weapon of your choice. The principle through this develop is to wear the lightest armor possible and also goad enemies into attacking you.

Related: The Hardest Dark Souls And Souls-Like Games, RankedYou can riposte their strikes through the shield, and also then follow up with a crucial assault for major damage. But that's not all this construct has actually up its sleeve. Placed the Ultra weapon in the second slot of your major hand after the dagger. Ultra weapons do the highest crucial damage in the game, and also using the brief riposte frames, switch to the Ultra weapon and really surpclimb your adversary.

Enemies can be an annoyance in Dark Souls 2, always there to impede development. This danger can be mitigated if the enemies deserve to never gain up off of the ground. For this construct gain the Shockwave and also Soul Bolt Sorceries. For your main weapon, you can have any Great Hammer, however we recommfinish the Smelter Hammer.

The strategy here is fairly simple: Shockwave and also Soulbolt knock enemies dvery own once they hit little enemies. While the adversaries are reextending from their initially bonk, follow it up via a strong strike from the Great Hammer. This will encertain that enemies have the right to not recuperate their footing prior to being squaburned.

Dark Souls teaches us that we need to constantly honor our history, and so it is that we honor Big Hat Logan with this build. Crystal Sorceries are a must, as well as various other high damages sorceries favor Soul Greatsword and Soul Geyser. In order to maximize the damage for this construct, obtain your hands on the Unleash Magic Sorcery, and also the Staff of Wisdom.

Though Logan's iconic massive hat is not easily accessible in this title, tright here are a couple of pieces of tools you have the right to uncover to imitate his look. The Black Set owned by Strassist of Olaphis is a great body armor to imitate Logan's Robes. The Astrologist's Hat and also the Black Witch's Hat are the closest approximation of Logan's Big Hat obtainable in the title.

Dark Souls 2 really revamped its sorcery game, and also the developers wanted you to know it. Not just are tright here tons of effective Hexes and Sorceries in this game, however tbelow is likewise several equipment that deserve to push your build also additionally.

For this construct pick either Dark or normal Sorceries. Next, gain your hands on the Lion Mage Robe, Lion Mage Cuffs, Lion Mage Skirt, Clear Bluerock Ring, and also the Black Hood. With all of these items equipped, your character will certainly be able to actors spells 46 percent faster. That is unless you have the right to uncover the Clear Bluestone Ring +2, in which case you have the right to cast 86 percent quicker. That virtually doubles your casting rate, definition you have the right to come to be a spamming menace early in the game.

Take the old trope of vampires acquiring health from those they have eliminated, and also offer them that healing constantly. That sounds unstoppable to us, and that is the function of this build. This one does need many kind of items from the Crvery own of the Ivory King DLC, so be prepared to beat the game at leastern once prior to trying this one out.

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For this one, get your hands on the Charred Loyce Shield, The Crvery own of the Ivory King, and also the Ring of Repair. All of these items together will certainly provide you a constant Health rejuvenation of five and a half HP per second. The Eleum Loyce Curved Sword from the exact same DLC will certainly heal you as soon as you hit adversaries through strong strikes. Use these items in conjunction via the Resplendent Life and also Warmth Miracles, and also you should never have to worry around making use of Estus Flasks aobtain.