Joy Tip: Count your blessings not your sorrows

As the leaves change shade, I’m acquiring excited for among my favorite upcoming holiday celebrations– Thanksgiving! Not so a lot because of the food and fellowship, (although those are awesome!), yet bereason of the focus on gratitude. There’s something around being thankful and also counting my blessings that provides me happy. Not simply smiley happy, but really happy, deep inside. Praying you’ll suffer better joy this particular day as you lift your heart to God.

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“Oh provide thanks to the Lord, for he is great, for his steadfast love endures forever!” (Psalm 107:1).

Today is a new day filled via points to be thankful for. But if you’re feeling a tad blue, you may be tempted to go with your day and also count your sorrows, and forobtain to count your blessings. Been tbelow, done that, as I’m certain we all have actually. The result is regularly a troubled heart. Thankcompletely, there’s an awesome antidote to chase away the blues— counting our blessings.

God desires us to be happy, and suffer the joy of His existence. As we recontact our blessings and meditate on God’s Word we start to check out that joy is not just feasible, however available moment by moment, as we apply God’s fact to our life. One of the most powerful truths I’ve learned from scripture is that counting my blessings fills my heart through joy. If you’d prefer to experience more joy, attempt it. What perform you have to lose?

Stay thankful 24/7. Count your blessings, rather than counting your sorrows. Call to mind God’s blessings moment by moment, particularly once points seem at their worse. A thankful heart takes the focus off our troubles and also calms the anxious heart. No matter exactly how bad we feel, there’s always somepoint to be thankful for. We simply should pause and also look a small even more very closely. . .

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Germany type of Kent writes, “Take time daily to reflect on exactly how a lot you have. It might not be all that you desire but remember someone somewright here is dreaming to have what you have.”

As we count our blessings, our emphasis shifts from fear to belief, and the weight we were transferring will certainly be lifted by God. Jesus said, “Come to me, every one of you who are weary and lug heavy burdens, and also I will certainly give you remainder.Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, bereason I am humble and also gentle at heart, and also you will certainly uncover remainder for your souls.For my yoke is straightforward to bear, and the burden I offer you is light.”—Matthew 11:28-30 NLT

Are you all set to count? Here’s a quick list I made to help you acquire started . . .

Father God, say thanks to you for all your blessings. You’re so good! Aid me to be thankful for huge and little bit things, and whatever in in between, through eexceptionally seakid, no matter what. Amen


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