Stretching plays a pivotal role in any type of physical task as it enhances blood circulation and provides nutrients to joints. It also alleviate muscle soreness and stress. Knee to chest exercise is additionally well-known as McKenzie Exercise.

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Starting position: Lie on your earlier via your legs extended and also ago right. Keep you hips level and your reduced back dvery own on the floor.

Action: Bend your ideal knee and also hug your knee in the direction of your chest, placing hands on your best leg. Then breath deeply and also hold this place for 10-30 seconds. Now, relax and also reduced the knee to founding place and also repeat on oppowebsite side.<2>


Clinical Significance

These exercises have actually significant influence on chronic low back pain . When press is put on the posterior element of the lumbar vertebral with expansion, disc herniation deserve to happen. This is due to enhanced lumbar lordosis; lumbar lordosis would decrease by limiting the push inserted on the posterior facet of the lumbar vertebra. The decrease in press would certainly enhance by improving the flexion of the vertebral disc, leading to lessened disc herniation, for this reason reducing the incidence of chronic low back pain. The exercise open the intervertebral foramen to administer added lumbar stcapability.

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When patients percreate the exercises regularly.

it minimize pain,enhance the stcapacity of the lower pelvis,rise the array of movement.


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