This morning (thanks to this Pass that Popcorn Facebook post) I realized that Penn Badgley has had actually a hard life! And when I say tough life I mean the characters he plays, not his personal life! I don’t understand the guy or his actual life story. Lol

BUT I execute know that he went from being Dan Humphrey to Joe Goldberg and also for my fellow “You” watchers that have additionally watched Gossip Girl, this shouldn’t be that surprising!Here’s why I think Netflix’s You series can be a Gossip Girl spin off.

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Dan Was Treated Poorly In Gossip Girl

Dan Humphrey was a tiny, quiet, Brooklyn boy that acquired a scholarship to go to a personal school in Manhattan and things went downhill the moment he met his “friends”.

I truly think Dan was a good kid! He check out publications, he did well in institution – clearly well sufficient to gain a scholarship for a exclusive college in NYC, and also he maintained his head dvery own, stayed to himself. He was a humble guy!


And then he met the “love of his life” Serena van der Woodsen. *insert roll eye emoji here*

If you watched Gossip Girl then you recognize Serena was “out of his league” but also not good for him. (As much as we wanted them to work! Lol)And well … you recognize exactly how guys are as soon as they obtain a rich white girl! Shit gets cray!

But seriously! When Dan initially obtained to the institution, he was treated prefer TRASH!

Causage honestly the girls (who were rich) believed he WAS trash. Middle class male from Brooklyn? Ew! (On the other hand homeboy was living in what us Brooklynites would contact “a wealthy neighborhood”. Lol)

But compared to the Upper East Side that’s “earned rich” not “inherited rich” right? And y’all know exactly how white folks feel about their inherited rich! Listen, I wrote one of my college documents for among my marketing classes on this VERY thing! Gossip Girl and the method they portrayed the class structures.

I’m still not also sure why Dan stood about while they treated him prefer shit, yet as a child who flourished up through no friends and hung roughly children I knew weren’t my friends in Middle School bereason they were literally the only civilization that talked to me day-to-day, I can entirely understand!

When you’re a kid, something feels better than nopoint. However …


These the evil girls I’m talking about, especially that one tbelow on the right in my favorite shade.

The Girls In Gossip Girl Literally Turned A Nice Brooklyn Guy Into A Mini Stalker

Yup! Dan too was a stalker! Lol

If you watched Gossip Girl then you recognize what I’m talking about. If you haven’t watched it yet, I won’t spoil it for you. BUT I will certainly say, it’s not among my fave TV shows of all time for no reason. So go inspect it out on Netflix! (Honestly, my High School ex loved this display also. And he’s a hardcore, nerdy, gamer, that don’t care for the rom com shit. Lol)

However … Dan was a stalker … just like Joe!

And I can’t really blame him, bereason those girls really screwed with his head. So eh, probably they deserved it? Lol (I suppose … Dan certain thought so!)


These the “friends” Dan had actually. Just look at them! Smh!

Dan, Just Like Joe, Also Lived In New York

Is this really a coinky dink? Lol Or did Dan simply change apartments and also get a tad bit older, then film You? Lol

Come on now! They both seriously resided in the exact same city! Shit, someone run a background check and see just how far acomponent the addresses are!

I’ve stayed in Brooklyn all my life, and once we “moved” my folks literally went from Avenue I to Avenue H! This shit is possible! Lol


I don’t remember what they were looking at, but it could be a dead body for all we know! Look at Dan’s ass looking awkward. Lol

Closer To The End Of Gossip Girl We Realize Dan Isn’t Really As Nice As We Thought He Was

Which isn’t his fault because choose I sassist over, the girls really made him crazy! I don’t doubt for a second that Dan was sane before he went to Manhattan. But what deserve to I say! Money does that to you, as soon as you’re not loved.

So at the finish of Gossip Girl, we started seeing Dan’s true colors.

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And as soon as we uncovered out who he really was, whatever began to make feeling. And that’s why I deserve to quickly say …


Mmmm … simply look at her! This is Serena in case you didn’t recognize. Smh! That boy Penn obtained a point for Blonde’s huh?

If You Watched Gossip Girl Then You Kcurrently Dan Humphrey Is Probably Capable Of Doing What Joe Goldberg Has Done

I expect he’s done a few of the points already!

Lied, stalked, played mind games, pretended to be excellent guy. (Sorry persuaded everyone that he was a good guy, including himself. Lol)

Hell he even adjusted his name in Gossip Girl! Lol

The ONLY point Dan didn’t perform in Gossip Girl that Joe has actually done in You, is kill. I think! But my memory is foggy and that was years earlier. So probably he did? Lol (I’m kidding, he didn’t! Lawd! He remained in HIGH SCHOOL! Imagine?) But the shit they did in Gossip Girl was pretty messed up, for High Schoolers. Lol


This 2007 photo, offered by The CW, mirrors actors members of the network’s new series “The Gossip Girl,” from left, Blake Lively, Ed Westwick, Leighton Meester and Chace Crawford. (AP Photo/The CW, K.C. Bailey) (THESE ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS DAN!!! GET OUT!)

And That’s Why I Think Dan Humphrey Snapped, Found A New Place To Live And Then Changed His Name To Joe Goldberg

I intend why not?

He literally readjusted his name in Seaboy 2 of You. Who’s to say Joe is his REAL name? LolIt can be Dan for all we know! They’re basically the SAME perkid man!

Hell, if you HAVEN’T watched Gossip Girl, and you’ve gained this much, leave me a comment listed below and also let me understand what you think. Since if all the over doesn’t make you start thinking they’re the same perkid, I’m gonna need you to gain yo eyes checked. You may be simply as blind as I am. Lol

So currently tell me, do YOU think Netflix’s You series can be a Gossip Girl spin off? P.s – You is “confirmed” for a Seaboy 3, review around that here.

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