A massively famous tweet (50k retweets) by Ryan Holmquist quotes Fidel Castro


It reads,

Castro: I will certainly not die till America is destroyed

Trump: I"m gonna be the president

Castro: well then

Tbelow are fairly a couple of other tweets alengthy the very same lines. You have the right to additionally view this renowned meme going roughly (over 10k shares)


Did Castro ever before say "I will certainly not die till America is ruined."



It is not a precise quote.

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Fidel Castro 19 May 1977 said:

Some time earlier, the United States was an English nest. If an Englishmale were asked if the United States would be independent, he would have shelp no, that it would certainly always be an English colony. Afterward, the nests liberated themselves, a country was establiburned, yet it consisted of slaincredibly. The slave owners would certainly have actually sassist that slavery would certainly never before disshow up, yet slavery finished, salaried workers came, capitalism came, it emerged extraordinarily, huge multinationwide enterprises occurred, and if a reasonable guy is asked currently if that will be eternal, he will certainly need to say no. Someday the capitalist system will certainly disshow up in the USA, bereason no social class device has been eternal. One day, class cultures will disappear. But you can be calm, I do not forewatch in a brief time any kind of adjust toward socialism in the United States.

So Castro predicted the United States inevitably ending up being socialist, rather than being damaged.

Also, in the exact same intersee he said:

I do not recognize as soon as I"m going to die, I don"t recognize if I"m going to die tomorrow, tonight, in an accident, from herbal causes. I cannot understand.

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So plainly he did not organize the check out discussed in the OP.

The quote in the OP is rather equivalent to a well known quote by Bolivar

I swear that I will certainly not die till I have moved the last Spaniard out of America

which illustprices the geographically inclusive nature of the term "America" and a second factor that Castro would not say that "America" would be damaged.