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Do you have any kind of unsupplied or unwanted jewelry? The Gold Guy – Cash For Gold in Chandler buys anything from an antique wedding ring handed dvery own via generations in a household or heirlooms that are carefully designed via encrusted jewels. We buy damaged, undesirable, and also mismatched jewelry and we pay the highest possible prices in the valley. Everyone needs some additional cash in today’s economic climate. Turn your spare jewelry right into prompt cash today at The Gold Guy, through locations almost everywhere the valley, there’s constantly a Gold Guy near you!

We are household owned and operated and also have remained in the service for over 35 years. Sell your gold in Chandler, Arizona – We Beat All Offers! We buy it ALL. Unwanted or damaged jewelry, dental gold, old course rings, silver, white gold, platinum, diamonds, high-grade watches, coins…and also MORE!Top of Form

What Precious Metals Can You Find in Your Home?Gold has actually been recycled ever given that it was initially discovered. A few of the gold in today’s jewelry is recycled from ancient artefacts and also coins! What “prehistoric treasures” have actually you discovered lying about the house? Bring them right into your regional Chandler Cash For Gold location! We buy more than simply gold jewelry; only about 52% of annual mined gold this particular day gets used for jewelry.

If you want to learn exactly how much your gold, diamonds, platinum or silver is worth; your Chandler gold, silver and diamond buyers at The Gold Guy – Cash For Gold have the right to be your overview. Many manufacturers will certainly list the karat rating of their gold somewright here, in tiny print, on the watch or jewelry. Keep in mind that 18-karat gold is actually only 75% gold and also 25% various other metals.

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Platinum has actually industrial offers through its resistance to both corrosion and also heat, making it more helpful also if it’s still rare. Platinum is a steel that will certainly yield most dollars for the tiny quantities it’s generally discovered in. We buy your platinum or old diamonds any type of sizes (loose or in jewelry). Diamonds are calculated by its 4 Cs: Color, Cut, Carat and Clarity. If you’re looking to market diamonds, gold, silver, platinum and also more, stop by our Chandler Cash For Gold location!


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"Did not need an appointment and received 1875 dollars in 15 min. The best offer i gained was 1222.75 so i am a happy camper and will certainly recommend them highly!"- Suzane"Their prices were even more than fair. I highly recommfinish them! They assisted make a tough week much better!"- Natara"Great friendly company from the manager. Had an clean and basic endure through a hefty exchange! Thank you!"- Mathew"The best prices by far! The gold guy provided me a good price, a lot even more than I meant. The staff is very knowledgeable. I DEFINITELY recommend them."- Kimberly