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What does the idiom do not reduced yourself on that edge mean? I have actually checked out it being used on multiple occasions, but could not discover anypoint on the internet that describes this idiom.



If there is, say, a piece of sheet steel somewhere, it could have actually a sharp edge. Were one to accidentally rub their arm versus this edge they could acquire a nasty cut.

So, "Don"t cut yourself on that edge" sindicate means that one must beware of the sharp edge being pointed out to you.

However before, let"s say you"re in a bar through a buddy and also you watch and also are attracted to a woguy that your buddy knows is the girlfrifinish of a mobster. He can say "Don"t reduced yourself on that edge" to warn you that you"re playing through fire. (Though his usage of that idiom suggests that he currently knows you will certainly most likely neglect his advice.)

(In real life I suspect the idiom is even more most likely to be offered to warn someone that the perchild they"re attracted to is a heart-breaker.)



I"m reasonably sure the feeling of "edge" intended in the initially instance is AHDEL

edge n. 1.

d. A slight however noticeable sharpness, harshness, or discomforting quality: His voice had actually an edge to it.


c. A penetrating, incisive quality: "His simplicity sets off the satire, and also gives it a finer edge" (William Hazlitt). AHDEL

is simply possible).

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So I"d say the expression, directed at someone showing harshness, is a punning rebuke.

I doubt that the "incisiveness" sense is involved; if it were, the expression would certainly be akin to "You"re so sharp you"ll cut yourself sooner or later."


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