Those who should style their hair on a regular basis know really well that an hour will certainly never before be enough to obtain everything done. This is especially true if you likewise should wash your hair prior to going out, as drying, on optimal of styling, takes an excellent lengthy while.

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While blowing out your hair seems prefer the best method to gain the job done, those with longer locks don’t constantly get the finest results through this strategy. Frizz have the right to still be an foe, so using a level iron is the finest means to win.

Blow drying and also flat ironing your locks take a long while, though, not to mention reveal your hair to many warmth which have the right to result in obtaining damaged locks. Wouldn’t it be nice, though, if you deserve to simplify the process to help you save time and also minimize the damage too much heat have the right to execute to your hair? Wet flat irons have been around for a while, so you’re never really out of choices.


The InStyler Wet To Dry Available Now at Amazon!

If really want to up the game, though, the InStyler Wet to Dry is one more excellent choice for this objective. This flat/curling iron hybrid can be offered on wet hair, as the name says, permitting you to skip the drying procedure and also gain to styling right away.

How It Works

The Instyler wet 2 dry is a barrel and brush warm styling tool that functions just like the InStyler Max. Its barrel heats up while the attached brush helps polish and clamp down on the hair for effective styling. It also rotates to evenly apply the warm to your locks, permitting it to successfully dry, curl, and straighten your hair.

What renders this product unique, yet, is its capacity to manage wet hair. It functions simply like those wet level irons so you deserve to easily style your hair also while it’s still wet. Instead of squeezing out from your locks and trapping the water in between the plates, though, the heated barrel whisks it amethod from the hair. With the aid of the air vents uncovered on the brush component, cool air is puburned in the direction of the locks and also up the barrel, venting it amethod from your hair, drying effectively and safely without any kind of risks of damaging or boiling the strands.

The trick right here, however, is to towel dry your locks first before utilizing the tool. While it have the right to manage wet hair, you still must obtain some of the dampness out to make the task easier for the tool.

InStyler Wet To Dry Key Specs & Features

Interested in just how this Instyler rotating iron have the right to change your prep time? Here are its attributes that can tell you whether it has every little thing you should simplify your routine:

Heated Rotating Barrel

Providing the heat you have to style and dry your hair is the rotating barrel that comes through the Instyler Wet to Dry Rotating Iron. It’s accessible in 2 sizes: small ¾” and also big 1 ¼”. Choose one according to the size of your locks and just how characterized you desire your curls to have.

Ionic Technology

To store your hair in good shape, the wet to dry Instyler is additionally equipped via the ionic innovation. Its plates create an excellent amount of negative ions that will certainly assist neutralize your hair strands and lock the moisture in. This will proccasion heat damages on your tresses despite the continuous usage of styling devices.

Air Intake Vents

What makes this product capable of handling wet hair is its one-of-a-kind style utilizing air intake vents discovered on the brush component. These vents present cool air into the procedure, helping dry your hair without utilizing excessive warmth.

Precision Aligned Bristles

The brush’s bristles are all strategically put to properly sepaprice and polish the strands. They also emit negative ions to assist lock in moisture and produce shinier and even more beautiful locks.

Tourmaline Ceramic Floating Plate

To make this Instyler ionic styler suitable for all hair types, it provides use of a tourmaline-infused ceramic floating plate. This helps encertain that the heat is used straight and also evenly to your locks, producing smooth, shiny, and also impressive formats eincredibly time.

3 Heat Setups through 280F to 410F Temperature Range

With three warmth settings, you deserve to additionally customize your styling session according to your hair type. The low establishing is recommended for those with fine hair while the high setting is ideal for those through thick, coarse locks.

30-2nd Rapid Heat Up

Save even more time in styling your hair via the Instyler Wet to Dry’s quick heat up.

Automatic Shut-Off

You have the right to likewise gain worry-cost-free styling sessions as this unit instantly transforms itself off after a couple of minutes of not being provided.

6′ Professional Swivel Cord

Maneuverability is one more great function this Instyler curling iron hregarding offer. With a 6’ swiveling power cable, you won’t have actually a hard time reaching and styling your hair.


Pros and Cons

While the attributes of this Instyler hair straightener is exceptionally promising, you might still desire to understand just how it fares well when in use. So, here’s a quick rundvery own of its benefits and also a couple of drawbacks that will aid you decide if it’s an excellent complement for you.


It’s incredibly efficient.It’s simple to run. You have the right to control the warm levels through just a couple of presses.It provides great results. If you desire to gain smooth and shiny locks, this product is a good choice for you.It’s very versatile and also packs three styling devices (blow dryer, flat iron, and also curling wand) in one package. This additionally suggests it will save even more area in your vanity.It deserve to create wonderful bobs on short hair without the hassle of wrestling with a blow dryer and also a barrel brush.It won’t burn or dry out your hair.


There’s a slight finding out curve in making use of this unit, specifically for curling your hair.You can’t usage this unit on sopping wet hair, which have the right to be a hassle for some but is actually a safety and security measure for you and also your locks anymethod. Dripping wet locks have the right to soak the unit up and also mess through the electronic devices while applying warmth to really wet tresses deserve to boil your hair and damage it, so it’s finest to towel dry your locks initially before utilizing this tool.

Should You Buy It?

If you’ll rely on the several Instyler reviews that attest to the usefulness of this multi-useful styling tool, you’ll understand that the InStyler Wet to Dry Rotating Iron is a good buy. It deserve to execute different tasks making it handy and also helpful.

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Should you buy this InStyler curler, straightener, and also dryer? Yes, if you desire an efficient tool to reduced down your prep time. With its reasonable price tag, you deserve to really gain the many out of this product.