Apple has actually ultimately released its initially water-resistant iPhone, that is, the newest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (including red iPhone 7/7 Plus). If you own an iPhone 7, you won"t have to problem someone spills water on it at the dinner table. What is discussing is that iPhone 7/7 Plus water-resistance is various via waterproof devices.

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The brand-new iPhone has an IP67 rating, which means the phone have the right to be subcombined in approximately 1 meter of water for a maximum of 30 minutes. Hence, if you"d prefer to take your iPhone for a swim, or take photos underwater through iPhone 7, you"ll need a waterproof situation for your device.

How to Take Underwater Photos with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Here we summarize the peak 5 useful tips if you are going to take underwater photos through iPhone 7.

Tip 1. Fully charge your iPhone

It is never suggested to charge an iPhone once it is wet. So you"d much better totally charge the battery prior to using it for underwater photography. Also, we recommfinish you to let the phone dry for a number of hrs before you charge it aacquire or extract photos from your iPhone to computer system.

Tip 2. iPhone setup

When you are underwater, it will certainly be difficult to use the touch display screen of your phone, so make certain you"ve put up your iPhone correctly before going underwater. Instead of tapping the touch screen for taking photos, you deserve to use the volume secrets (on the left side of iPhone 7) to take photos. Press either of the volume tricks and a photo will be caught. Try this out above the water to get offered to using the volume secrets.

Tip 3. Take multiple shots

If you are shooting a topic that is rapid relocating, then use the Burst mode. This will capture multiple photos in an extremely swarm frame of time. Thanks to the burst mode, you deserve to capture the stunning underwater photos.

Tip 4. Lighting

It is even more complicated to take photos underwater as water refracts light in various ways. Diving enthusiasts suggest taking photos in water in between 10am and 2pm, when the sunlight is at its greatest suggest in the skies and provides the best visibility underwater. The flash is not recommended as it deserve to disturb the emphasis and colors of your shots.

Tip 5. Stability

Stcapability is extremely vital, specifically once you usage your iPhone 7 to shot a fast relocating subject or take underwater videos. You might consider locking your arms or buy a selfie stick to aid you have a steady handy and capture beautiful pictures.

These are the tips we think you need to think about once taking underwater photos via an iPhone. Though iPhone 7/7 Plus water-resistance is a big leap by Apple, you should remember that liquid damages is still not included in the one-year limited warranty. If your iPhone unfortunately got damaged in water, examine what to do with a water-damaged iPhone right here.

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