Can You See Me Now? is a gripping psychological suspense thriller about a young Indian woman, currently a federal government minister, whose past keys are about to reverbeprice into the existing and also shatter her life. Perfect for fans of Lisa Jewell and Erin Kelly.

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Fifteenager years earlier, three sixteen-year-old girls meet at Wescott, an exclusive exclusive college in India.

Two, Sabah and also Noor, are the a lot of popular girls in their year. One, Alia, is a new arrival from England also, that feels her happiness relies on their acceptance.Before she knows it, Sabah and Noor"s intoxicating world of privilege and intimacy opens up up to Alia and also, for the first time, after years of disregard from her parental fees, she feels she is specifically wbelow, and also via whom, she belongs.But via intimacy comes jealousy, and also via privilege, resentment, and Alia finds that it only takes one night for her bideal brand-new human being to shatter about her.Now Alia, a cabinet minister in the Indian federal government, is around to find her tricks have actually no intention of continuing to be buried . . .


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Praise for Can You See Me Now?

Deceptively clever…At first sight a typical story around teenage rivalry, the novel opens out right into an unflinching account of the distorting effect of privilege on adolescent behaviour.”

Sunday Times

Well composed and compulsive, Can You See Me Now? is a innovative page-turner. I was enthralled by the dual timelines, the political establishing and the means the dynamics from the women’s past played out in the present. It’s incredibly well done.”

— Harriet Tyce, bestoffering author ofBlood Orange

Sakhlecha is terrific at developing settings, whether its dark, gossipy, rivalry...or the raw power play of Indian national politics...that permeates this moving tale.”

Daily Mail

“A spellbinding and stunningly original portrait of friendship, tricks and household, set against the stormy background of Indian politics. The finishing will astound you.”

— Lesley Kara, bestmarketing writer ofThe Rumour

“A pacey expedition of female friendship, power and misogyny.”

— BBC Radio 4 Open Publication (Elizabeth Day)

A mesmeclimbing tale…of an intense yet toxic friendship that implodes with deadly results.”


Can You See Me Now? is a highly literary novel, yet one through all the page-turning compulsion of an unputdownable thriller. It is a book about India that can stand proudly beside Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children. But it is...additionally about friendship, ambition, betrayal and also thriving up. A excellent review and also one of my books of the year. Trisha Sakhlecha is a novelist to watch.”

— Edward Wilboy, author of The Envoy

A shocking, scandalous story that’s quite brilliant.”

Woman’s Own

“Intricately plotted and righteously angry, Can You See Me Now? is a thought-provoking tale of female friendship struggling to survive in a patriarchal culture. Nopoint is fairly what it appears in this tautly written psych suspense.”

— Nicola Rayner, author of The Girl Before You

“I loved Trisha Sakhlecha"s latest psychological thriller. It has actually everything; a friendship via keys, a destructive crime, jealousy, national politics and also reputation. A multi-layered story. Whizzed with it!”

— Emma Curtis, bestmarketing writer ofOne Little Mistake

“I really delighted in this new thriller. I was gripped by the twisty plot and loved discovering more about Delhi society.”

— Neema Shah, author ofKololo Hill

Can You See Me Now? is a deft expedition of power, misogyny, duty and what it indicates for certain people to have actually manage over certain narratives. It’s also a seriously gripping read. I loved eexceptionally plot twist, uncovered myself totally attracted in by the blfinish of idealism, glamour and ruthlessness in the people in which it takes area, and was captivated by the three central personalities, and the complex, shifting relationships between them.”

— Naomi Ishiguro, author ofEscape Routes

“An evocative exploration of female friendships and politics, intimacyand intrigue.”

— Rachel Edwards, author of Darling

“I loved it! Full of stress and anxiety and also intrigue that will certainly save you turning the pages best to the incredibly finish. The setting draws you right into a people of teenage girls, womales and keys, lies and also power. My heart didn’t sheight racing.”

— Lauren North, author of The Perfect Betrayal

“A stylishly executed thriller set in a fascinating civilization, through a sucker-punch ending. Sheer class.“

WI Life

Prayer for Trisha Sakhlecha

“Adeliciously darkand also original debutabout love, loss and lies, via an ending that is impossible to predict.”

— Alice Feeney, bestselling writer ofSometimes I Lie

“Initial and also evocative, I wasentirely hookedby the longing, love and envy simmering occasionally unviewed, yet ever-existing. With an ending I couldn"t predict, this debut is one to savour.”

— Karen Hamilton, bestoffering author ofThe Perfect Girlfriend

“Well written, withplenty of twistsand also a great sense of area.”


“I couldn"t relocate until I"d finimelted thiswonderfuldeyet novel. An original voice, and also an elaborate, unpredictable plot. It was really refreshing to review a psychological thriller collection within a different society.I loved it.”

— Emma Curtis, bestmarketing writer ofOne Little Mistake

“A gripping thriller that is difficult to predict. The pacing of the story is brilliant and also it builds as much as a clever before finishing.”

— The Times of India

Your Truth or Mine?isa book that you"ll desire to review aobtain as shortly as you"ve finiburned it, to look for hints, wondering exactly how you"d missed them the first time around. I believed I had it all established, so was "Wait . . . What?" once the reveal came.The sucker punch came from nowright here and also lifted me off my feet- the authorize of an excellent book.”

— Sandie Jones, bestoffering writer ofThe Other Woman

“This is awell-structured, twisty novelwhich has at its heart a very hocolony portrayal of a marriage and also, no, I didn"t see the twist coming.”

— Rictough Skinner, author ofThe Mirror

“Tense, twisting, and also infsupplied with an intoxicating feeling of dcheck out. This isa seriously gripping thriller.”

— B P Walter, bestmarketing author ofThe Dinner Guest