Medically reviewed by Cynthia Cobb, DNP, APRN, WHNP-BC, FAANP — Written by Zawn Villines on October 31, 2018

While most belly switch piercings heal without problems, bacteria can infect the area before healing is finish. Infections are typically minor. Symptoms have the right to incorporate pain, redness, and swelling, and also enhancing hygiene have the right to aid.

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Complete healing have the right to take 9–12 months. In the meantime, a piercing is technically a healing wound, and it may be sore, red, or irritated. Intense pain, swelling, or a fever, but, can suggest a severe infection.

It deserve to be complex to keep a belly switch piercing clean and also irritation-totally free, especially once tbelow has a tendency to be friction from clothing. This renders belly switch piercings even more prone to infection than piercings in other areas.

Share on PinterestRed skin approximately the piercing might indicate an infection.
Some signs of an infected belly button piercing include:

intense pain or a burning sensation at the sitebbest red skin around the piercing, or red streaks coming from ita feverdischarge, which might smell poor, from the piercinga swollen bump close to the piercing

Distinguishing between indicators of infection and constant healing deserve to be challenging. Pain and swelling ideal after a piercing are widespread.

It is important to monitor exactly how symptoms readjust. If symptoms, such as pain, steadily improve, the piercing is most likely healing typically.

If a perboy unexpectedly experiences new symptoms, particularly after a duration of few or no symptoms, this have the right to signal an infection.


The piercing procedure itself can transmit blood-borne infections, such as HIV and hepatitis B and C. The risk is greater once piercing tools and jewelry are not sterile, especially once the piercing needles have actually been common.

Almethods select a safe piercer. Anyone who is unsure whether their piercing conditions were sterile should think about being tested for these infections.

An infection deserve to spread from a piercing throughout the body. In some cases, the infection can reason life-threatening complications.

Anyone with a weakened immune device must talk to a medical professional prior to acquiring a piercing and automatically look for medical care for any kind of indicators of infection.

A person’s immune device may be weak if they have, diabetes, HIV, AIDS, one more chronic disease, or if they are taking chemotreatment.

Casupplies of belly switch piercing irritation

Issues other than infection have the right to cause pain or discomfort approximately a belly button piercing. See a doctor about any type of new or inexplicable symptoms, as the cause can be tough to identify.

Allergic reactions

Allergies to the metal in body jewelry are widespread. Jewelry containing nickel is especially most likely to create an allergic reactivity.

The Association of Professional Piercers recommend using steels, such as surgical steel, titanium, or nickel-totally free gold, that are less likely to reason reactions.

They additionally suggest making use of smooth jewelry, complimentary from bumps or nicks that could irritate the skin.

Allergic reactions usually begin as shortly as a person inserts the jewelry right into the piercing. The reaction may be intense, entailing a painful rash or swelling, or it may be minor but prosper steadily worse.


When clothes or other objects catch on navel jewelry, it can injure and tear the skin.

If the jewelry has actually recorded on somepoint, and the new piercing looks larger or feels painful, a perchild may have an injury.

These injuries increase the chance of infection. They deserve to additionally adjust the shape of the piercing or cause it to heal mistakenly.

See a doctor about the injury and consult a expert piercer to view if the piercing needs redoing.

Skin disorders

Sometimes, pain and also irritation cshed to a piercing outcome from a skin condition, such as eczema or psoriasis.

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A rash, redness, peeling, or irritation can stem from a preexisting skin disorder. Injuries to the skin deserve to cause some disorders, such as psoriasis, and also a piercing is one such form of injury.