We have actually all been tbelow. You have actually a cup of coffee that has actually acquired cold. You obtain an idea! “What if you reheated your coffee in the microwave through a Solo cup?” 

This may not be a great concept. Have you ever before poured coffee into a plastic cup? You might have noticed how soft and also malleable the cup feels when you pick it up if you have.

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To answer your question, NO, you have to not microwave a Solo cup.

While Solo cups are a good sturdy capproximately use, they are made of plastic. 

They are designed as a one-time usage product. Products like these aren’t intfinished for warm liquids. 

If you would certainly prefer to learn some options, you have the right to try, or are curious to find out what happens if you did microwave a drink in a Solo cup, please store reading listed below.

What You Should Do Instead of Microwaving A Solo Cup

If you are established to gain a hot cup of coffee, you need to use a microwave-safe mug. 

Are no mugs available? A glass or ceramic cup or bowl is constantly a safe option to use in a microwave. If you frequently use plastic cups, you may desire to take into consideration buying some microwave-safe disposable cups following time you go shopping.

When a manufacturer deindications a cup, they can choose whether to produce the cup as “microwave safe.” Many of these assets will be clearly labeled on the packaging. Just make sure you select a microwave-safe alternative.

What Would Happen If You Did Microwave A Solo Cup

You might need to clean your microwave or worse. Have you ever before cleaned melted plastic out of a microwave? No fun! 

What’s worse is the liquid from the cup will be blended in with the plastic. I don’t understand around you, however I wouldn’t say I like spfinishing my afternoon cleaning a liquid soaked melted plastic out of my microwave.

You may also up damaging your microwave. The worst-instance scenario would be if the plastic didn’t melt, but as you got to in to grab the cup, the plastic melts in your hand. OUCH! 

Even if someone tells you that they safely supplied a microwave to warm a liquid in a Solo cup, don’t try it.

Play it safe and also use a microwave-safe cup or also a bowl if you have actually no various other alternate.

It’s constantly finest to play it safe once trying to microwave a liquid in plastic. While the hazard of BPA has decreased in recent years (considering that most manufacturers quit using it), there are still health dangers connected through trying to microwave a liquid in plastic.

Burns, while handling the cup or also while cleaning, is no laughing issue. 

Just remember that many one-time use cups or bowls are not microwave safe

This includes plastic bottles such as ketchup, mustard, or Nutella.

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You have to constantly use a microwave-safe option to proccasion yourself from having a BAD day.