Developer: FunnytimedayPublisher: FunnytimedayGenre: PuzzleRelease: Dec 23, 2016Platform: AndroidESRB: Not Set

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Level 24 maze confusion?

Can someone describe just how to usage the map to gain through the maze? I can"t figure out just how they correspond. I"ve viewed the video walkwith yet they took even more transforms than are shown on the "map"

Oogieboogie, Mar 29, 2018
Answer from: MatsuyamaI can not view the logic either. I have seen the video but also via the solution I can"t find just how the map helps you. I addressed the 50 rooms of the game 1 without help, but if it weren"t for the video, I would be stuck in this level 24 of the game 2. Can anybody aid us finding the logic of this "riddle"?

Posted on: Oct 6, 2018

Answer from: BonzaiCan you escape #2 level 24 the maze defined. The numbers around the grids show just how many kind of squares to usage per row/per column.To begin the pursuit of the significant grid, around use the same pattern of the note-grid, you have to stretch, shrink, cut and also paste component of it, to fill up the compelled use of squares.example: top+ideal edge C1=1 so you cannot go down the column is full, relocate appropriate 1.C2=5 so as note-grid said; 1 dvery own 1 ideal 1 up: C2 still have actually 3 even more to go later on.R1=6 you already have 3 squares, add 3 squares more: R1 is now complete, you cannot go appropriate anyeven more.go down 1: R2=3 is now complete, so no other choice then to go down 1.R3=1 is full, right here too no various other option then to go dvery own 1.C6=7 you have actually 4 squares supplied, 3 even more squares to go later.R4=5 as the note-grid go left, go left and go 5 squares, you cannot go up R3 il complete, you only pass R5 when (R5=1), you will not have the ability to come ago anyeven more that is why you use all the 5 squares.go dvery own 1: R5=1 is now full, so no various other option then to go down 1C2=5 is now complete.go best 7: ... now its approximately you "alone" to proceed you pursuit to complete level 24. Good Luck Mate!

Posted on: Mar 19, 2019

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Answer from: Kareem RabieI think you mean height left second is still don"t understand also. What is the relation in between c1 which have actually number 1 and also in the map c1 have actually the number 2 and at the very same time r1 have number 6 and also in the map r1 have actually the number 4 and also the line goes to the right while in the map goes dvery own what is the relation. More explacountry please

Posted on: May 18, 2019

Answer from: Kareem RabieNow I understand the puzzle the map you have actually is only to figure out just how to play the game it is not overview or a map it is just to know exactly how to play the game. The variety of written in eincredibly colum or row should be filled through line for instance if colume have actually the nmber 1 the. The totality colum must have one square filled with the line no more if the colum have actually the number 5 then 5 squares of this coloum should be filled via a line. At the exact same time the very same rule uses for the row if the row have number 8 this 8 squares frrom This row must be filled the filled squares could be joined or separated Once you understand also the idea of the game then it is so simple to solve In our puzzle We name colomus by c and rows by r Then c1 have actually value 1 then only one square have to be filled so we don"t have actually everywhere else to go but best to c2 In the expect time we have actually r1 have value of 6 so by this we coveres 2 out of 6 from r1. Once you follow this rule you will certainly fix the puzzle in no time. Check the map you found You will certainly obtain the suggest.