I want to start wearing 3/4 or U part wigs wearing Remy hair...cant afford Virgin at the minute. Id like to have actually the ombre style dark brown on roots and also like a copper on the ends. Can Remy hair be bleached ordyed?



Dang :(. Thanks for ur response. Do u recognize of any service providers that sell remy hair that has the ombreeffect?


yes you deserve to dye it, im a hairdresser and also many girls come in with their extensions which are remy to be dyed yet theres constantly a chance it mighten be the very same colourx



Dying remy hair isn't that great of an idea, it might look good at first, yet because the cuticles aren't aligned, including bleach to it will certainly just damages the hair even even more. I understand these posts were old, yet in situation you were still wondering.Please examine out my channel, I carry out hair reviews as well as hair product reviews. If you want to know wbelow to get affordable, excellent quality VIRGIN hair, SUBSCRIBE to and also share my channel. Stay tuned for possible giveameans (to subbiesonly).YouTube.com/DanielleCP18

Aug 21, 2012

Kara R.

Any hair that is 100% humale hair can be dyed, just the approaches and size of time neededvaries

Sep 27, 2015

Larin M.

Yes, you deserve to deposit color onto the hair. I'm a hairdresser and have colored several sets of extensions. It normally takes me 2-3 times to perfect the shade. I have actually lightened a couple of sets too and also I've noticed that the hair ligh10s with a "cool" cast to it, almost a hint of green. I would buy a collection of lighter colored extensions and also then low light them for dimension. Pravana (and also other direct dye colors) work well on extensions for fun rainbowcolors.

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