In Surchallenge Pro, is it possible to upgrade the RAM? Say I desire upgrade 4 GB to 8 GB RAM. Is it possible? If yes, what is the maximum limit?

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From the teardown: "The Micron RealSSD C400 packs 64 GB of storage capacity. It can review 500MB/s and write 95 MB/s — all in a tiny 1.8" create variable."

if you want to crack out a soldering iron and order some surchallenge mount ram via the same pin configuration you have the right to relocation it.

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It is not fault from manufacturer. It is architecture certain, You likewise cannot upgrade iPadPro. I favor surchallenge pro over iPadpro as a result of double amount of ram and also storage within same price bracket. Please dont compare it via laptop computers. and buy lapheight if you need future up gradations.

It is starting to be laptops as well. I simply uncovered that every one of our HP ElitePublication 1040s (G2, G3, G4) cannot have their RAM upgraded. It is soldered to the board.

It sure pays to thoapproximately research BEFORE you component via your valuable money. I"ve conserve $100"s even $1000"s for self and also friends.





I upgraded my ram and resolder the ram earlier in the specific way it came out and also went from 8gig to 16gig in the i7 surchallenge pro 6 do YESS IT IS DOABLE!! Just take your time and pay attention to what you are doing and also don’t Solder the wrong thing or buy buy motherboard! So the answer to your question is YES IT IS POSSIBLE!

A regular customer does not have the engineering or technician skills to carry out micro-soldering. For regular consumers soldering RAM onto a computer motherboard is risky, bereason they can damage the device, it voids the warranty.

This is planned obsolescence, which is a DESIGN FLAW. It screws consumers. What sort of consumer-ignorant profit-hungry
$ product manager would make that product design? Consumers need to boycott such product manufacturers. It creates even more eWaste, and !#^&

I agree - I"m professional at soldering (30+ years) and yet I no much longer carry out any SMT chip replacement. Too many type of instances of things going wrong - things I have the right to deal with however normally not worth the moment, effort and expense.

I agree to your statement, but if I execute it for my own usage, and also objectives, it is worth it.

I"ve done SMT components in the past.

Have to have patience and a secure hand also to an excellent outcome. Cannot use a regular soldering iron either. Need one with an extra fine reminder.

Plus, cannot use warm too lengthy.

Too a lot, deserve to damage component, and perhaps motherboard too.

Best not to do it, unmuch less you understand what you doing, and also confident in your capability to efficiently complete the job.

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You ssuggest have to buy an SD card, and tright here is a slot ideal in the side of the tablet. Keep in mind that this is not RAM, it is storage, so it will not make your Surface Pro any much faster.