One day I left my hr in the car on a hot day in Arizona, I took it off bereason I was going to go swimming. When I came back to acquire it, the wrist band began to bubble off the actual device. Later the following week I was obtaining out of the auto and also my fitlittle bit hit the door and totally fell acomponent. Now the actual mechanics of the fitlittle was out. The next day I had my dad attempt and settle it (he does engineering) however all he did was stick some solid waterproofing glue all on it that stuck the pieces together but my dad on the drive to me had it in a area under the sunlight and also it started to bubble aobtain. So here is my question, is tright here a way to replace the whole wrist band also of the fitbit?

Yeah, so a lot for good assistance. I bought my tracker from Zulily who supposedly is not an authorized reseller and also Fitlittle bit isn"t doing anypoint about my bubble. Time to buy the Apple watch I"ve had my eye on.

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It"s a known problem - in my instance spray-on sundisplay must"ve dissolved the glue. They sent out me a new one, and also told me to discard the old one - yeah, right! I obtained a cheapo (protector) off ebay that covered the bubble, but my initially idea wregarding inject a little glue in utilizing a syringe. Luckily the bubble didn"t spread and also I didn"t have to re-glue.

I used locidide glue , hope there isn"t a typo via the name . It holds pretty good its been about a month and I"ve worked out wearing it. Problem is i now purchased a replacement and also the screws have actually been glued on. So be cautious...




Tright here are now replacement bands available on eBay. I repaired mine myself and so much so great. Here is the link:

Hi tright here.

You deserve to rearea the bands, it is actually incredibly straightforward. I live in the UK and also they market them on eBay. I dont understand why FitBot say they are not replacable.

Here is a UK listing for a large

And here is one for a small

fitlittle bit charge 2 band

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I consult through Fitlittle bit first. They said warranty just covers 1 year on the purchase date. (which it broke the 3rd day after warranty ran out). They indicated it"s difficult to adjust, so they sell me to purchase HR Altas or HR 2 for 25% discount.

Later.... ebay confirmed up the replacement bands for $30.....

One method or the various other, it"s just states Fitlittle is incredibly negative at their customer services. Their ultimate goal is for customers to save upgrading.

I contacted fitbit as soon as the strap damaged on my fitlittle charge. they offered to replace it, no receipt, no inquiries asked or anypoint. then they shelp they didnt have actually any kind of charges left and offered me a charge HR

I recently bought a replacement band also from ebay and it functioned great! Took much less than 5 minutes to relocation.

Okay, so my wife found and also purchased a replacement band also for her Fitlittle bit. Of course she wants ME to number out just how to put the works into a brand-new band also. Which is not working...the small screwchauffeurs they incorporate via the brand-new band also execute not rerelocate any kind of screws--they simply spilgrimage the threads. The box containing the brand-new band also had a legend on it which reads:

"Please visit this webwebsite about product installation, Thanks!"

The video at this site is in a international language, and also does nopoint to help me understand exactly how to relocation the band also. I knew I remained in trouble when the "instructions" on the back of package review choose a poor Chinese menu, through misspellings and grammar errors throughout. Sorry, it"s a waste of time so much...

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Bob K.

Of course you deserve to , inspect Amazon, there are sellers that have various replacement bands and also tools and instructions

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