UPDATE (Jan 13th): Sledgehammer Games has actually confirmed on Twitter that High Moon Studios is conscious of the Ranked Play concerns affecting Xbox 360 and also PlayStation 3 players and because of the worries, Ranked Play Seakid 1 has been postponed for these platforms. The game has been changed ago to Seaboy 0 until the problems can be resolved. Stay tuned for even more indevelopment.

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HMS are hard at job-related readdressing issues with Ranked Play and we have postponed Seakid 1 on 360 & PS3. In the meantime, please enjoy Preseachild.

— Sledgehammer Games (
SHGames) January 13, 2015

Initial Story: 

The first Season of Ranked Play for Cevery one of Duty: Advanced Warfare is now LIVE. The seachild will last from this day via January 31st.

Ranked Play functions Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Masters departments. You need 100 points to rank up within each department, and a completion of the Division Promovement Challenge. To earn points: for each victory, you can obtain between 15 to 25 points; for each loose, you deserve to loose in between 10 to 20 points.

Each department has its very own set of gear that is awarded to players as soon as the seachild concludes. The height 100 players in the Masters Division will certainly earn the Grand also Master reward.

The complete rule collection for Seakid One:


Modern War 2’s online multiplayer was extremely influential as it witnessed the climb of 360 no-scoping, trickshots, and also the true rise of video games on the YouTube scene.

This resulted in the development of most of the world’s leading CoD clans we know now such as FaZe and also OpTic, and would likewise bring about the contemporary tropes of YouTubers and streamers.

But a potential nostalgia expedition has been cruburned if a Tweet from Cevery one of Duty leaker Ralph is to be thought. It simply read: “Modern Warfare 2: Remastered Multiplayer, canceled by Activision.”

Modern War 2: Remastered Multiplayer, cancelled by Activision pic.twitter.com/Y2uXGPop4M

— Ralph (
RalphsValve) November 10, 2021

They don’t elaborate on why this is. But if it’s true, then it’s a slightly perplexing decision as the potential revenue this would certainly generate can be huge.

Potentially, Activision doesn’t desire to have multiple virtual solutions running at the very same time as it would certainly intend that their player base would be scattered throughout 2019’s Modern War, Black Ops Cold War, Vanguard, Warzone, and CoD Mobile.

Just like everything that drops right into the leaks and also rumor category, don’t take this as being totally accurate, and also we’ll watch if any further information concerns light.

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