Until Brooklyn Nine-Nine was given a earlier nine (-nine) by Fox, “The Bet” was the finish of the first seakid, and therefore the display. Of course, everyone associated in Brooklyn Nine-Nine most likely knew they would acquire a complete 22-episode season, however I’m always interested in looking at would-be last episodes prefer “The Bet,” bereason they generally show what the creators believed were the most necessary components of their shows. With Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 2 points were made clear in “The Bet”: the artistic team knows how great this ensemble is, and also they were interested in Jake and also Amy maybe being a pair.

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As for the ensemble, I’ve shelp it in each of these reviews, and I’ll store saying it as lengthy as I’m creating around Brooklyn Nine-Nine – this could be the finest comedic ensemble on television. Now that the personalities have been developed, there isn’t a weak attach. Everyone is very funny, no issue how they’re utilized or that they’re paired up with. That’s shown at Boyle’s celebratory party, wbelow the personalities store rotating from perchild and perkid, and no matter that is talking to whom, it’s funny.


But the powerful ensemble was somepoint I was particular of. “The Bet” just offered to present that the cast and also crew were mindful of it, as well. Somepoint I was much less specific around was whether a Peralta/Santiearlier relationship might occupational. A display having actually 2 of its personalities become a pair is herbal, and it’s a plot development that’s end up being even more and even more effective via current reflects (look at The Office and Parks & Redevelopment, two mirrors Michael Schur has actually operated on). Still, prior to “The Bet” I wasn’t certain that I wanted to view these 2 be a couple, or that the show was interested either. “The Bet” provides it clear that Brooklyn Nine-Nine isn’t rushing to put the two together, however it’s definitely somepoint it’ll be returning to. And it’s tackled well here, specifically through the roofheight scene at the end. Jake is significantly toned dvery own and also at his the majority of enjoyable, and Santiago is offered a possibility to be something even more than overenthusiastic or embarrassed. It’s a really great scene that provides me hope for them as a couple, however I additionally hope the display builds to it organically.

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“The Bet” would have actually been a great series finale, but thanktotally it isn’t our last look at Brooklyn Nine-Nine, even for this season. There’s still nine episodes left, and many thanks to the show’s recent success at the Golden Globes, numerous new civilization are most likely watching. I have actually no idea just how this episode operated for human being brand-new to the present, but I was absolutely pleased.