It is true.

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Journey Community Church senior high pastor and NYWC presenter, Brian Berry, hates boobies.

At leastern, I understand for a truth he hates the “I love boobies” arm bands which are all the rage these days with high institution students. I’ve heard his rant about them a couple of times in perboy, so I was glad he lastly blogged around it so I could usage this sensationalistic blog title– I’ve been dying to usage it:


I hate them.

I’ve pulled them off 10 year-old boys on my soccer teams, referred to as out males in our high college program for wearing them, and also doubted girls that walk proudly with them on- the latest of which was earlier this particular day.


Wake up!

No 16 year-old dude is wearing a bracelet that says, “I love boobies” bereason his mother has actually breastern cancer. That guy didn’t do the breast cancer walk or raise money for breast cancer awareness and also if you ask him to give you $10 to fight cancer and skip the bracelet, you’d raise no money. He will certainly happily check your breasts for suspicious lumps but.

My grandma shed one of her breasts to cancer. She was a breast cancer survivor. We constantly teased her for leaving her foam “replacement” boob all over. “Grandma you left your boob in the kitchen again”. I can’t imagine in a million years wearing a bracelet that claims, “I love boobies” around my grandma who just had actually one. Maybe I have to have bought her one that states, “I love boob”.

I remained in vegas this summer for 5 hours on our way to Idaho and also asked this teenager male if I could take his pic in circus circus. Read the place as an intentional pun on this stupid pic.

Photo courtesy of Brian Berry

Look… at leastern he has actually one that really states it… “I love your boobies”

Read the rest of his blog write-up here.

He has actually a allude. Undoubtedly, they are almost everywhere the location and also the human being raising money are plainly making use of the word boobies to gain boys to buy bracelets which allegedly aid raise money for breastern cancer research study.

I think this is worth talking about via our students.

I’m pretty sure that young guys and also boys simply love boobies and reap the chance to have a factor to declare it publicly.

Plus, the word “boobies” is fun to say. Just ask my 7 year old.

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My only actual thought

I’m glad Lance Armstrong’s arm bands didn’t say, “I love testes.