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Episode 401: Box Cutter

 Dave Porter, Eyeball in the Drawer – 21:50-23:22 (Act Two)

Skyler snoops approximately Walt’s bachelor apartment.

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Alexander Ebert, Truth (2011) – 45:35-46:30 (Act Four)

Walt walks to his automobile as the police work-related the crime scene at Gale’s apartment. By Alexander Ebert, an American singer-songwriter.

Episode 402: Thirty-Eight Snub

Dave Porter, The Long Walk Alone (Heisenberg’s Theme) – 30:55-32:06 (Act Three)

Walt viewpoints Gus’s residence, gun in hand.

Honey Cregulations, Digital Animal (2008) – 42:19-45:14 (Act Four)

Alone in his home, Jesse cranks up the music to earseparating levels, and sits down against a large loudspeaker. By Honey Clegislations, an Amerideserve to digital speculative hip hop band formed in Austin, Texas in 2008.

Episode 403: Open House

Fever before Ray, If I Had a Heart (2009) – 20:52-22:56 (Act Two)

The realtor at the open residence notices the lacking spoon and also Jesse goes to the go-kart track prior to returning residence and finding the party has actually turned violent. By Fever before Ray, the phase name of Karin Elisabeth Dreijer Andersson, member of Swedish electronic music duo The Knife.

Episode 404: Bullet Points

EL-P, Flyentology (Cassettes Won’t Listen Remix) (2007) – 25:18-28:32 (Act Two)

Walt accprovides Jesse of being sloppy at Gale’s apartment. Fed up by the brow-beating, Jesse pays 2 friends to throw Walt out. By EL-P, the alter ego of Jaime Meline, hip hop artist from Brooklyn.

Dave Porter, Searching for Jesse – 41:30-43:47 (Act Four)

Walt looks for Jesse at his home.

Episode 405: Shotgun

Dave Porter, Aztek – 0:00-1:36 (Prologue)

Walt races with Albuquerque, heading for Pollos Hermanos.

Ana Tijoux, 1977 (2010) – 17:00-18:16, 20:05-21:15 (Act Two)

Jesse becomes bored while driving everywhere the state through Mike as he picks up payments. At the same time, without Jesse’s help, Walt is becoming frustrated at the lab. By Ana Tijoux, a French-Chilean musician that was the MC of hip-hop group Makiza during the 1990s.

Episode 406: Cornered

Dave Porter, Four Corners / Waiting for the End – 27:37-29:45 (Act Three)

Skyler and Holly visit Four Corners.

Episode 407: Problem Dog

Pretenders, Boots of Chinese Plastic (2008) – 3:20-5:44 (Act One)

Walt takes a joyride in his muscle car instead of returning it to the dealership. By the Pretenders, an English-Amerihave the right to rock team created in 1978.

Episode 408: Hermanos

Walter Wanderley, Crickets Sing for Ana Maria (Os Grilos) (1960s) – 16:19-17:11 (Act Two)

Skyler vacuum packs storage bags with money and stores them under the home. By Wchange Wanderley, a Brazilian keyboardist known for his lounge and bossa nova music in the 1950s and also 1960s.

Episode 410: Salud

Dave Porter, Jesse in Mexico – 6:32-7:36 (Act One)

Jesse, Gus, and also Mike are taken to the cartel lab.

Thee Oh Sees, Tidal Wave (2009) – 42:24-43:48 (Act Four)

Gus returns to the hacienda patio and also looks on as Don Eladio takes a spill. By the Thee Oh Sees, a pop-people team formed by John Dwyer in SF in the 1990s.

Dave Porter, Salud – 43:48-45:50 (Act Four)

Gus retransforms exterior, and also he and Mike and Jesse leave the hacienda.

Episode 411: Crawl Space

Dave Porter, Crawl Space – 42:48-46:13 (Act Four)

Walt searcs for money in the crawl space.

Episode 412: End Times

Apollo Sunshine, We Are Born When We Die (2008) – 5:07-6:57 (Act One)

Walt sits contemplates his predicament while spinning his revolver on the patio table while the Schrader’s home gets round-the-clock guards. By Apollo Sunshine, a neo-psychedelic/indie rock trio developed in 2003 in Boston.

Pistolera, Nuevos Ojos (2008) – 9:56-12:27 (Act One)

Steve Gomez talks through Dennis at the laundry. By Pistolera, a group that founded in 2005 in Brooklyn whose members encompass Sandra Lilia Velásquez (vocals, guitar), Maria Elena (accordion), Inca B. Satz (bass), and also Ani Cordero (drums).

Dave Porter, Building a Bomb – 37:15-38:28 (Act Four)

Walt builds a pipe bomb in his kitchen.

Dave Porter – Parking Garage Standoff – 41:59-45:13 (Act Four)

Gus and also his males walk to his Volvo station wagon in the hospital parking garage.

Episode 413: Face Off

Dave Porter, Crawl Space – 12:25-13:29 (Act One)

Walt retrieves cash from the crawl area under his home, escaping notice by 2 men in search of him.

Apparat, Goodbye (instrumental) (2011) – 33:11-36:00 (Act Three)

After receiving the all-clear from Tyrus, Gus drives to the nursing residence to see Tio. By Apparat, the phase name for Sascha Ring, a German digital musician.

The Taalbi Brothers, Freestyle (2009) – 41:48-44:14 (Act Four)

Walt and also Jesse go to occupational on the lab to make certain no incriminating proof stays. By The Taalbi Brothers (Bronchild and Preston), guitarists who are part of a musical household from Madiboy, Wisconsin.

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Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi, Black (featuring Norah Jones) (2011) – 48:18-49:43 (Act Four)

Skyler calls Walt’s cell phone concerned around his security, but Walt tells her he’s won. By Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi.