From Dr Jekyll and also Mr Hyde to the Harry Potter books, fiction authors have been fascinated by the plot potential of change egos and multiple personalities. YA writer Kathryn Evans picks 10 of the best


The late Alan Rickmale playing Severus Snape, a character who had to hide his crucial goodness under a mask of evil for the advantage of a boy he didn’t also favor. Photograph: Allstar/Warner Bros
The late Alan Rickguy playing Severus Snape, a character who had actually to hide his essential goodness under a mask of evil for the benefit of a boy he didn’t also prefer. Photograph: Allstar/Warner Bros

Multiple facets of character have long fascinated us in literary works. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenkid has actually been adapted many times and possibly that’s no surpincrease. It frigh10s and intrigues us bereason it examines what happens when we shed manage of component of ourselves. It touches something we have the right to all imagine, because we know various versions of ourselves exist. On a small level, I could be annoyed with my yesterday-self for rowing through my ideal friend and leaving today-me to apologise. I could be furious via last-month-me for not examining tough sufficient, leaving this-month-me having actually to cram for an exam. This idea inspired my book More of Me, in which Teva resides via many type of younger versions of herself, and the very actual risk that a brand-new variation will come alengthy and take over her life.

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Kathryn Evans

Here are some of my favourite fictional personalities handling various versions of themselves:

1. Angie in Pretty Girl-Thirteenager by Liz Coley

Snatched from a camping holiday by a psychoroute and also organized captive for three years, Angie’s mind fractures and various characters emerge to aid her cope through the ordeal. A fictional account of dissociative identification disorder, Pretty Girl-13 brilliantly tells the story of exactly how Angie reabsorbs the multiple facets of her character. Heartbreaking and also terrifying.

2. A in Eextremely Day by David Levithan

While A’s personality is constant, he/she wakes up in a different body and also lives someone else’s life eextremely single day. Levithan explores exactly how personality transcends physical appearance and also exactly how love, inevitably, recognises that.

3. Kyla in Teri Terry’s Slated series

Kyla, in addition to other troublesome teenagers in her civilization, has had her mind wiped. She’s been slated so she have the right to restart her life in a much more fertile method, however somepoint has actually gone wrong. Someexactly how, Kyla’s previous self is still locked deep in her mind. A dark look at a disturbed culture and also Kyla’s journey to discover the hidden part of herself.

4. Jessica in Monkey Taming by Judith Fathallah

Jessica has a monkey in her brain telling her she’s a Fat Pig, forcing her to exercise also once her muscles are screaming via pain. Monkey is the commanding voice of Jessica’s anorexia but it’s also component of her, and taming the voice is crucial to her recoextremely. A effective, hocolony and also eventually hopeful story about one girl’s fight via a life-threatening condition.

5. Mia in Bang, Bang, You’re Dead by Narinder Dhami

Mia’s mommy has actually bipolar disorder. With Each Other with her brother Jamie, Mia battles to cope through her mother’s ups and also downs. But Jamie isn’t all he seems. Mia is frightened for him, and of him, and also we are progressively caused think Jamie might only exist in Mia’s mind. A story via a compelling and surpclimbing finish.

6. Snape from JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series

I love the Harry Potter books and also wept at the death of many type of personalities, but none touched me even more than that of Snape. His entirety life was a lie, his important goodness covert under a masquerade of evil for the benefit of a boy he didn’t also prefer. Genius.

7. Ty from When I was Joe by Keren David

After witnessing a violent crime, Ty is compelled into witness security and a life of pretence. But the results are not as straightforward as you can intend. Ty is frequently more himself as Joe, his assumed persona. Sometimes two individualities offer you a stvariety type of liberty, and it almost seems as if Ty has a chance to rebegin his life – although nopoint is that easy, and so it proves for Ty/Joe.

8. Addie/Eva in What’s Left of Me by Kat Zhang

A strange tale of a civilization wright here 2 souls are always born in the same body and what happens when the federal government decides to fix that. Who decides who resides and that dies, and also have the right to two personalities exist in one self?

9. Laurence in Fifteenager Days Without a Head by Dave Cousins

Laurence takes on many personas in order to try to save his damaged family together – he dresses up as his very own mum and even impersonates a dead guy on the radio. Cousins’ wonderful book explores the extremes of pretence we might go to in order to organize our stays together.

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10. The Incredibles by Brad Bird

Finally, I had to incorporate a superhero story, wbelow your alternate self is your improved self. The Incredibles offers a whole family members superhero alter egos and explores the obstacles they confront trying to incorporate their extrasimple talents into an plain human being. A story that taps right into the difficulties every one of us face, to a lesser degree, in simply trying to fit in.


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