likewise part of flourishing up is realizing that the embarrassing music you liked in your early on teen years still goes tough as hell


I love the reality that Parks and also Rec supplies the same documentary style as The Office without tright here being any kind of actual documentary crew or any type of in world attempt at explaining it. There’s simply this invisible camera crew and that’s just how the civilization is. It’s the finest. It’s so weird and the absence of explanation renders it better.

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The many iconic component of Parks and also Rec was when Mark sassist “view you later” and they literally never before pointed out him again


okay so dee was a surrogate for carmen and her husband also, right? and before that she was heralding as a surrogate for rich couples. and also the point is, they don’t… let you do that unmuch less you’ve had actually at least one effective pregnancy before. prefer, it’s a medical ethics thing - no doctor is going to perform an artificial insemination procedure on a surrogate unless they have actually absolute confidence that the surrogate have the right to lug the pregnancy to term properly.

of course, this can just intend one thing: at some point in her life, dee straight-up had actually a baby and also gave it away. and also this presumably occurred without anyone in the gang learning around it, not even frank or dennis.

so let’s think about every little thing we recognize around dee’s young adult life. she checked out penn, together with dennis. she wasn’t tright here long. she took a semester of psychology. she had actually a sexual partnership via her psychology professor in exreadjust for a passing grade, however he failed her anyway. at some point, she lit her college roommate on fire and also she was institutionalized for an unwell-known period of time. then she dropped out of penn and also chose to be an actress.

and also favor. tbelow actually is an extremely clear timeline tright here. the psychology professor got her pregnant. she told him around it and he flunked her in retribution. overwhelmed by this absurdly stressful case, she lit her roommate on fire. she was then institutionalized, and also while institutionalized, she offered birth and offered the baby up for fostering. frank never before kbrand-new bereason he was a shitty, negligent parent. dennis never before kbrand-new because he was as well wrapped up in his own shit to even think to visit his sister in the hospital. i was going to say that barbara never before kbrand-new, however she perhaps did, actually. it would describe why she persistently treats dee like utter shit, calls her a disappointment and also a mistake and also a faitempt, and why dee clearly hates her but never stands as much as her, lest barbara spill the key.

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tl;dr dee reynolds had a baby in her freshguy year of college and also gave it up for adoption and there’s a approximately 22-year-old dee reynolds jr. roaming approximately out there somewright here.