For all you gentlemen who just watched Babsence Sails Seakid 4 Episode 6 in actual time with your strong, independent wives, how lengthy did it take for her to tell you: "You see that? That"s what he gets for not listening to his wife."

Gov. Woodes Rogers missed that memo — but it"s not too late for you, gentlemales.

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All Rogers had to do was listen to his much better fifty percent, Eleanor Guthrie and also right currently he"d be laying ago in Port Royal, sipping a piña colada, under British protection, ameans from the battle with the pirates and also waiting for her to present up with a ton of loot.


But no. Instead, the Spanish navy and its ornery sailors — which he invited into Nassau to burn down and also rape and also pillage as they pleased — killed Eleanor at an alleged safe residence.

Rogers rolled up on horseback, hoping to be her savior and also instead was left holding her dead body in his arms and his head in his hands.

This strong hour, chock full of activity and high drama, dropped the biggest surpclimb yet — the seemingly invincible Eleanor Guthrie is dead.

Madi additionally perimelted at the hand of a Spanish sword, but considering the despeprice lives she and also various other Maroons lived and also the colonial powers" contempt for them, it was much less surpincreasing.

Props out to the authors and also director of "XXXIV," who known and plainly and also accurately laid out the differences between the two strong women.

They each yearned for their own sort of independence, however for incredibly various reasons, were denied it. Arguably, the best dialogue and dramatic moments were booked for them.

Eleanor and Madi had actually history — attached by Madi"s father, Mr. Scott. While he played the duty of Eleanor"s right-hand male in running Nassau, he was under no illusion she had actually his people"s ideal interests at heart.

Eleanor: You trust him? Flint? Cast your lot through him?Madi: What does it issue to you?Eleanor: Before this battle began, prior to everyone’s functions adjusted, your father mistrusted Flint as much as anyone in Nassau did. I assume you were in some call with him all that time...and I’m surprised his feelings didn’t affect you.Madi: You were my sister. There is exceptionally little I remember from once I was young, however I remember this — you were older, you were beautiful. I revered you. When you were told that my mom and also I were dead, I have to think that it impacted you. You had just shed your mother. But if points were as I remember, my mother and I were your family members, too. And yet, via all the years after that that my father cared for you, counseled you, labored for you, he never told you that we were alive. It would certainly have actually been so easy to lessen your experiencing by divulging the trick...and yet he never did. Have you yet asked yourself why that is? My father didn’t mistrust Flint. My father mistrusted all of you.

The Maroons and liberated slaves come up substantial once again this hour. Without their numbers and hunger for liberty, the pirates can"t maybe organize Nassau.

And without Long John Silver turning diplomat and delivering his brother-in-arms, Billy Bones up to them as a peace offering, Nassau will never be theirs.

That background makes an early scene with Silver and Billy brilliant. Battered, bloopassed away Billy lying shackled and also pained gets to hear a Silver lecture, tempered by a sliver of hope — however, alas, stubborn Billy rejects it.

Long John Silver: I did not desire this. Flint is my friend. But I’m not what he is. I have no illusions around it. But for all the threats he presents...for all his offenses, the one thing he’s never before done is pressure me to choose between him and you. did. But it isn’t as well late to find a means to remedy it...You made a disastrous mistake...and you phelp a destructive price. But we’re at battle...and also you’re an asset. In spite what’s goin’ on, you are my friend...and also the males out tright here have had their pound of flesh and also our guys...Billy I could walk out there and also tell them the sky is red and also they’d think me. That’s the power you’ve provided me. But I have to understand this is over... your vendetta versus Flint...your must see him dead or departed from our story. I need to understand you’ll never put me to a selection in between you again. Swear it and also this all ends.Billy Bones: You determined. Live through it.

Meanwhile, Capt. Jack Rackham gets the prize for the hour"s finest facial expressions and lines.


The look he offers Eleanor after she steps to him while he"s talking to Capt. Flint and also she discusses the problems of her deal of her safe passage, British surrender and regulate of Nassau for the Urca d"Lima treasure?

Pricemuch less.

His verbal retort to her demand?


Eleanor: ...I am leaving. And as my collateral to ensure that this deal is consummated, he’ll be coming through me to the fort.Capt. Jack Rackham: This deal? As in the one in which you walk amethod via all my money? It appears the only implies I have actually in registering any meaningful disapproval of this deal at this point is to kill one or the both of you.

But watch Babsence Sails online and you"ll check out Rackham"s hardly done. 

The erudite piprice was even much better after Max — that betrayed both him and their shared lover, Ann Bonny — actions to him and instead of an apology greets him oh-so-matter-of-factly while announcing her intentions.

Max: I pertained to discover Eleanor.Capt. Jack Rackham: I betrayed you Jack...tried to trade your life for my very own individual obtain, lied to Ann to her face about it...please, Jack...I beg of you, is tright here any kind of way you deserve to forgive me? That’s was the basic feeling of what I believed I could hear, coming from your mouth, were I ever this close to you again.

Poor Max.


Like Bones, she"s also stubborn to realize that there"s a large price to pay for burning bridges and self-conservation.

Once on board the vessel fleeing New Providence Island also and also admitting to the bacount alive Ann that she backstabbed her, did she really think she"d jump at her offer to take treatment of her?

Back to the stubbornness layout for a minute.

Fittingly, soon before her fatality, Eleanor at least tosses it aside, while in deep conversation through Madi at a safe house while Spanish soldiers are tearing Nassau a brand-new one.

In that threview, the 2 characters started on the beach at the start of the hour, Eleanor — as a lot as she can — all but admits that Mr. Scott had actually every reason not to trust her.

She feels some guilt for utilizing the master-servant social order to prop up her de facto ascendancy over Nassau and depriving Madi of growing up with a father.

But in doing so, in the fashion we"ve all come to understand as "Eleanor"s Two-Minute Self Reflection," Eleanor only gets her own misdeeds once she thinks of her own loss — in this situation, what she might"ve had through Max, if she"d just chosen to have actually left Nassau as soon as Max suggested it.

Eleanor: When Mrs. Scott — when your father told me that you and your mom had passed away... affected me an excellent deal. Must’ve been live concealed ameans for so lengthy.Madi: It was tough to be away from him. The rest of it...a mama that did the finest she can via the remainder of it.Eleanor: She must’ve done well. I discovered myself thinking about it. Of walking amethod from Nassau, from England also, from can be happy that way, can’t they? A life of isolation, uncertainty, as long as it is lived with someone you love...and also who loves you back? It is possible isn’t it?Madi: It is.

Eleanor and also Madi went out choose the "sisters" they were, via Madi dying to defend her from the Spanish soldier that eventually kills her. Of course, true to her spirit, Eleanor wasn"t going out without a fight.

Eleanor preserves her humanity and dignity, staving off an attempted sexual attack by greatly wounding her attacker, prior to his sword does her — and also her unborn kid — in.

How odd is it that the display ventures ahead without Eleanor?

It wasn"t the British Empire, the Spanish naval fleet or the pirates that hosted the actual power, held all the cards or called all the shots about Nassau.

It was Eleanor.

Eleanor was the bright star roughly which everything and everyone else, whether they admitted it, orbited — Flint, Charles Vane, Scott, Gov. Rogers, Max, Rackham, Bonny, Silver. 

Even in her fatality, Max"s invoking her name keeps her alive on board the ship, when Flint wants to toss her overboard.

She"s marketing Rackham on a voyage north to Philadelphia to discover Eleanor"s rich grandfather to invest resources in their cruising back to Nassau to supply to Gov. Rogers the ultimate comeuppance for his indirectly resulting in her death.

Max"s influence might be waning, however she knows just how to manipulate pirates" emovements to suit her demands.

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While Eleanor is gone, the piprices are not. In a tender moment, Silver confirmed his unquestioning loyalty to Flint by telling him Madi"s death wasn"t his fault.

And with their buccaneer brothers coming from all corners to the Maroon swarm, wbelow the Urca cache was delivered, we recognize there"s an even bigger fight coming quickly. 

Were you shocked that Eleanor died? Should the writers have actually created her off? Was it worth it to have actually Eleanor and Madi discover closure?

Will Rogers learn he Eleanor was pregnant through their unborn kid when she died? What perform you predict will certainly occur next?