One of ten commodities that Health Canada seized from Big Bees Convenience keep in Hamilton. (Submitted by Health Canada )
Don't be tempted to usage "Babsence Panther 200K" to bolster your sexual prowess, Health Canada cautions, saying these are among a number of unauthorized enhancement pills found in a Hamilton convenience keep that could pose significant health threats.

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Health Canada has seized 10 different types of obvious sex-related enhancement pills from the Big Bee Convenience save at 215 King Street W., the public health department shelp Monday.

Alengthy via "Babsence Panther 200K," the pills have actually names prefer, "Black Dragon Extreme 15x," "Hard Rock 3800," and also "Libigrow XXXtreme 200K." 

Health Canada called the commodities, "unauthorized" in a release on Monday. This indicates the pill have not been tested or approved for use in Canada, the department claims on its webwebsite.


Pills pose potential risks

Unauthorized pills pose a hazard of having ingredients that aren't listed, such as prescription drugs in unwell-known doses. The pills might also contain a combination of ingredients that are dangerous when taken together, the webwebsite says.

Health Canada states it keeps a list of unauthorized products so people can inspect whether what they are planning to usage is safe.

People that want to boost their libiperform through a pill should check to check out that it is authorized by Health Canada, the webwebsite says. If it's not, Health Canada advises not to take it and also to report the product.

The pills seized in Hamilton are thmust contain ingredients common to libido-enhancing commodities, according to the news release, but Health Canada does not specify what sort of wellness threat the pills pose.


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