Fabolous raps about lacking an ex via many puns and also lyricism. T-Pains sings a chorus of the exact same nature

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I attempt to play coolActin choose what you perform don't phase me, don't phase meOn the other hand I'm sittin at home, all aloneTryin to save myself from goin crazyWhen I'm in the residence, when I think aboutWhen I see you out, once I hear around T-PainI want my baby back! 'Lo-so And I assumed it would certainly be easyBut it's difficult for me to let you GO~!(Baby don't) GO! (Baby don't) go!(Baby don't) go (baby don't) y'all understand what this isNow I'm much better than your ex, gon' be much better than your nextBaby Screwed Up so you much better be from Tex-asCan't seem to doubt that I creamed her outNow you dream about just how I turned Nieguy outNothin to scream around just back your Bimmer outPack it up in the trunk, go earlier to essential my houseCausage I can play cool, but I can't play foolThere's options in break up, you ever play pool?Better do you reason I damn sure does meAnd what your buzz be is just because of meThe wifey, hus-by, never before was meI does me, trust meI don't wanna one more you so I'mma slide (yup)But I gained another boo, on the side, bay-bay
Thturbulent the time I been alone, time I spent on phonesKnow you ain't lettin them climb up in my throneNow, baby that lime through that PatronHave me talkin crazy, it's time to come on homeNow, I talk via someone aboveIt's okay to lose your pride over someone you loveDon't lose someone you love though over your prideStick wit'cha entree and get over your sideWe break as much as make up at Jacob's babyHer parental fees fought also, I'm the makeup babyWake up baby, love'll have you open thoughI intend you viewed Tom Cruise on the Oprah showSo I simply can't bet on the following handThere's as well much in this pot simply to provide to the next manNow if you ain't never before went via it you ain't really right into itThe following rap to show you I really been via itEvery other day I'm givin the love awayThat's what your friend's sister or bit brother sayIf I'mma execute somethin, it's the undercover wayWhen them hatin ass watchdogs look the various other wayAnd others might not view that we need each otherBut if we on the same web page we have the right to review each otherThey have to learn us, instead of attempt to rotate usMr. and Ms. Smith, we both acquired the burners - UP~!If you love your baby then rotate this upKcurrently we save this warm prefer a Thermos cupRelax, don't be tryin to perm us upWe already directly - yesss

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Fab we gon' need to make a dance to this song man!Y'knahmean; ain't no WAY you can't dance on thisUhhh, T-Pain!I want my baby back! And I believed it would be easyBut it's difficult for me to let you GO~!