All this sex hatred... Let"s admit that males and girls are both awesome and equal and also focus on the excellent components of either sex for when.

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1 Being able to be emotional without fear of ridicule

It"s not that boys do not cry bereason of the fear of being ridiculed. It"s that we CAN"T cry unless the situation is as well emotional for us to take care of. It"s simply just how we are made.

A privilege I will certainly never take for granted. I would certainly die without being able to talk around my emotions feely via my friends without being told that I just required to "guy up" or something.

I am a female and also I believe all genders have the right to cry or obtain angry and stuff.But I badepend cry that a lot and I usually just cry for like 1 minute. I don"t know Why I"m kinda weird lol

2 Being able to embrace feminine points without fear of ridicule

Never before been as well interested in feminine points, although I love make-up, my mommy won"t let me wear it yet. I favor anti conformity stuff I guess. But society veiws girls prefer that as "bad
$$" and boys like that "posers" so there"s an advantage

Considering I love absolutely everything girly. I would certainly feel trapped by societal pressures if I was a guy.

I may have as well admit I am very girly. Sometimes I can be a tomboy.Update: No I am both 50-50.

Have to admit, I choose a fair share of girly stuff.

3 Having a more comprehensive variety of clothing and also accessory choices

The men"s section is miniscule compared to the woman"s! We have actually so many kind of even more options to adjust up our look. If I were a male, I wouldn"t desire bland clothing each day, but that"s all they"re offered! Totally not fair!

All relies on your style, at Hot Topic I shop in the men"s department bereason for one they have way much better designs and 2 guy shirts are so a lot more comfortable.

I"m not the greatest fan of fashion, but I execute choose this.

I love wearing dresses! But not pink ones.

4 The cshed bond female friends share

Probably true, however, guys fight physically and then they"re friends again (I would certainly recognize, I"m a guy), yet with girls, they don"t fight physically, they host grudges, which to me is much worse.

I am a female, I prefer being roughly both genders. Females understand also stuff and are cool and stuff however periodically it"s great to have male friends. I don"t know why yet I like being friends through every gender :/

I have actually several friends at my institution.

5 Being able to offer and receive compliments from other girls without being called gay

Why is this? Everyone requirements a tiny confidence boost eincredibly currently and again.

6 Having the choice of expushing yourself even more easily through makeup, garments... etc.

Girls have more choices via styling their body to their very own tastes. If you do not prefer the means you look. You can adjust it easily. If you"re a guy and also you don"t prefer the way you look... You can not really perform anything about it.

This is true yet I mainly wear a t-shirt and shorts or pants depending upon the weather. I"m not really fashion forward.

And if a man does that, they"re mocked for being gay.

7 Having boobs

Only thing I hate around being a girl other than not finding various other goth tomboys!

Those points are awesome!

That would kick ass.

8 Knowing that within you, you have actually the capability to nurture another humale being and give birth to them

It"s so cool simply thinking you"ve got a life in there. It builds such a bond in between you and also your boy. It provides you feel all happy and also excited and well worth the pain. Also, breastern feeding is a great bond in between you and the baby bereason your taking care of it and it truly needs you.

In the appropriate scenarios, we deserve to flourish a human baby inside of us! Lets simply take a second to appreciate just how miraculous that is.

The method I check out it, one factor why women are more crucial than males is because they develop life and also much even more factors than this.

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For the lucky ones that genuinely want to start a household and also are able to, this need to be a wonderful point.

9 Girls do not have to ask the male out the males ask them out

Mostly this is true, however this girl asked me to marry her. And I"m male

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