Want to purchase tickets for Joffrey Ballet, and also I require details on the seating.First, are the floor/orchestra seats obstructed in any type of way? I've been to ballets everywhere the nation, and also have actually phelp premium $ for floor seats, only to see the ago of someone's head bereason the floor doesn't slope.Also -- exactly how much ago is the first balcony, and also is the from there primarily good?thanks for any type of info!

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Mar 9th, 2005, 08:11 AM
I'm going to bump this up as soon as or twice and also hope someone responds --

Mar 9th, 2005, 08:40 AM
I am going to the Joffrey on Friday! Yeah... We have actually a lower best box which is amazing, yet I have actually been to other reflects tbelow and also the floor and first balcony are both very excellent. I don't remember any type of obstructed seat, but you can desire to ask when you buy them. We actually sat in the front row for a ballet a few years back and I felt we wbelow as well cshed (orchestra). Here is a link to the seating chart. http://www.gotickets.com/seating_cha...ting_chart.php
Hi Rocky --Thanks for replying. I'm buying my seats virtual -- I wasn't mindful there was a direct theater box office? Right currently, balcony 1, initially row center is obtainable, which seem prefer exceptionally great seats. But from the pictures I've viewed of this facility, the balcony looks waay back. Accoustically this would be fine -- yet ballet is so visual that I'm worried we won't have a good check out of the dancers.Orchestra row p is additionally easily accessible -- yet this also seems much earlier -?I'm probably worrying also much -- but this is my dd first time to view Joffrey and also I want it to be special!
I've review assorted reviews and I'm still confused! Most case that orchestra seats are the just ones w/ complete stage views. Can anyone tell me how far back the 1st balcony is, and also whether any type of "overhang" obstructs the lower level seats? From the seating chart it looks favor 20 rows or so - ?
The Auditorium has actually among the finest theatre designs in the country: engineering by Dankmar Adler, architecture by Louis Sullivan and also some unattributed work-related by an extremely young Frank Lloyd Wbest. Tright here are no inner columns, and all the seating is gently pitched. I take place to think the front of the first balcony has actually some of the ideal seats bereason the see angles slightly dvery own on the dancers. My next choice would certainly be for the middle third of the major floor, yet I have even sat in the nosebleed seats and also took pleasure in the display.

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