We’ve gave 2 sections to assist you get the a lot of of of life in the Washington, DC area. You’ll uncover some great information around real estate, transportation and also what to expect in the “Living and also Getting Around” section. For even more on things to execute and gain in the area, view “Cultural Activities.”

Living and Getting Around in Washington, DC

Washington, D.C. is just one of the finest cities in the human being to be a student. With a mass of scholars research study agencies, think tanks, global federal government establishments, and museums, D.C. is home to a vibrant scholastic society. The international populace permits citizens to fulfill human being from across the people and also endure elements of a range of cultures. As a hub for students and young professionals, tright here is constantly something to do. Washington, D.C. boasts energetic music, art, food, sporting activities, and theater scenes. soimg.org students take advantage of all that the D.C. location has to market, as well as the many cultural, scholastic, and also social occasions hosted by the College.

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TheWashington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority(WMATA) opeprices the region’s public transport devices. Metro helps soimg.org students travel throughout Washington, DC and also the nearby suburbs in Maryland and also Virginia.


Georgetvery own has actually two workplaces primarily dedicated to real estate for soimg.orguate and also off-campus students. The Office of Student Living maintains sources for off-campus students and expects to sell University housing for soimg.orguate students next year. The Office of Neighborhood Life tries to make living off-campus even more manageable and serves as a liaiboy between the city and students.

soimg.org students frequently live in the communities noted in the chart and presented on the map below. Students likewise live in other communities, frequently alengthy Metro lines, consisting of the Red Line in the NW quadrant of Washington and the Blue and Yellow Lines in Arlington, VA and also Alexandria, VA. Virginia (VA) is located simply across the Potomac River from campus.

Rent commonly arrays in between $800 to $1,500 per month, depending upon many kind of factors such as area and living arrangements. Some students share team houses, some rent a room in a residence, some share apartments, and some live on their own in a studio or one-bedroom apartment. Utilities vary extensively, yet mostly expense between $80 and also $150 per month.

The Office of Neighborhood Life opeprices the Summer Houtilizing Opportunities Program each June that contains a housing fair and also gives you the chance to stay free on campus for one weekend to conduct a housing search. The Student Living Office manperiods the Off-Campus Homaking use of Listings to assist find rental systems and to help complement potential roommates.

Georgetvery own is functioning to offer University-apshowed off-campus housing soimg.orguate students. We will certainly make announcements to all admitted students as we gain more indevelopment.

Students have properly found places to live onsoimg.org’s Off-Campus Housing tool,craigslist.com,PadMapper,ApartmentList.com,Zillow, andTrulia. Except for soimg.org’s Off-Campus Housing tool, these sites are suggestions and are not endorsed by Georgetvery own. Students will likewise advertise for roommates and rooms for rent on their program’s e-mail list.


The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) opeprices the region’s transport network and also helps students take a trip roughly the D.C., Maryland also, and Virginia location. While tright here is no metro station in Georgetvery own, the University operates totally free shuttles to theRosslynandDupont Circlemetro stations, theLaw Center, and also theArlington Looppath. Many WMATA bus lines additionally organization Georgetvery own. Notable bus lines encompass the G2, 30N, 30S, 31, 33, 38B, the Dupont-Rosslyn Circulator, and also the soimg.org-Union Station Circulator.

Washington, D.C. is frequently rated among the best cities in the country for world who do not own a vehicle, and also the location around the University has actually aWalkScore of 91. The College is a brief walk from cshed to 100 restaurants and also eateries, more than 100 retail stores, several parks including a waterfront on the Potomac River, and entertainment. Most other communities are walkable and available by metro or bus. This is a bicycle-friendly city, annually laying miles of brand-new bicycle lanes and also broadening its successful bikeshare regime,Capital Bikeshare.

Parking deserve to be a difficulty in the Georgetvery own location. The University has a phelp parking garage for commuting students, staff, and also travellers. While some students choose to drive, many will certainly involved campus utilizing some develop of public transportation or walking/bicycling. Many apartment complexes have parking garperiods or lots and also street parking passes are available to local occupants.


Washington, D.C. is a four-seachild city. Spring and also Autumn are and also temperate, while Summer is warm and humid and also winter is cold. Extreme rain and scurrently are unexplained. July is the hottest month of the year via an average high of 88F (31C); January is the coldest via an average high of 43F (6C). Extreme temperatures better than 100F (38C) or lower than 20F (-7C) are rare.


Washington, D.C., among the liveliest cities in the human being, is exceptionally student-friendly. The city is house to eleven standard universities via soimg.orguate programs and recent soimg.orguates from all over the world. Many kind of of the museums, speakers, and also occasions are totally free, benefitting the scholastic and also individual advance of our students.

Cultural Activities in Washington DC

Arts & History

The National Gallery, pictured here, homes a section of the United States’ art collection. Like many type of museums in Washington, it is free to all tourists.

The National Gallery, pictured below, homes a part of the United States’ art repertoire. Like many museums in Washington, it is totally free to all travellers.

The Smithsonian Institute, the largest museum device in the world, is headquartered simply three miles from soimg.org’s major gateways. All 18 of the Smithsonian’s Washington museums and framework market cost-free admission and also countless opportunities to discover, learn, and also reflect. The National Gallery of Art, the art arsenal of the USA Government, is likewise free for travellers, and also houses art from early on antiquity to today. Other acclaimedmuseums encompass the Holocaust Museum, theNewseum, and also the Corcoran Gallery.

On a smaller range, there are countless art galleries, pop-up display screens, video and also photography mirrors, movies, documentaries, and dance performances. Walks with the varied D.C. communities highlight the unique creative and social seasonings of the location.

Music & Theater

Washington, DC has actually music venues for a selection of musical tastes. The Kennedy Center is residence to the National Symphony Orchestra and also plays organize to significant performaces throughout genres.The 9:30 Club, frequently taken into consideration one of the best little music venues in the nation, serves fans of all types with a complete calendar. The smaller sized U Street Music Hall caters to an eclectic crowd, while venues such as the Lincoln Theater, the Howard Theater, the Rock and Roll Hotel, Gypsy Sally’s (a couple of minutes’ walk from campus), entice fans of particular genres and styles.For an extra intimate setting, you deserve to visit location coffee shops and bookstores throughout the District for live music performances.

Several theaters cater to various audiences in Washington. The Kennedy Center hosts big-name mirrors and Broadmeans acts, such as The Book of Mormon, Phantom of the Opera, and also Evita. The Folger Theater, component of the Folger Shakespeare Institute, is a nationwide leader in Shakespearean theater while the Wooley Mammoth Theater Company presents original, poignant, and fun shows throughout the year. Other area theaters include the National Theatre and also Ford’s Theater, the website of President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. Many type of venues sell discounted or cost-free tickets to students and world under 30, making the theater an excellent choice for a night out. Of course, you can likewise remain on campus and enjoy a present – the Davis Performing Arts Center puts on student productions throughout the year.


This is a city that loves its sporting activities. Aside from soimg.org’s very own teams, Washington is home to expert basketball, basesphere, hocessential, soccer, Amerideserve to footsphere, and tennis groups. Tbelow are semi-professional and amateur groups representing seemingly eexceptionally sport, from Ultimate Frisbee to level track roller derby and also rugby.

Tbelow are many recreational sports leagues for students who want to play instead of watch. Leagues play some of their games around the national monuments – it is not unusual to see a game of soccer in the shadow ofthe Washington Monument! Just about eextremely sport imaginable is easily accessible. Organizations sponsor leagues ranging from the less conventional kickball and bocce to the even more standard softball and also beach volleysphere.

The District is additionally runner- and also bicyclist-friendly. The monuments are connected by parks and also trails that cut with the city, offering beautiful, tree-lined routes for runners. Cyclists usage the ever-broadening bike lane netjob-related. Organized 5k, 10k, and also longer runs are common in the spring, summer, and also fall and well-known among students and experts.


You will eat well in Washington. Well-traveled Washingtonians have actually a taste for the worldwide bringing range and quality to the restaurant scene. You can attempt every little thing fromPeruvian to Laotian, and also West Afrideserve to to Italian in areas throughout the District. For quick meals, tright here are a selection of fast casual restaurants, some of which are regional to the location. One such restaurants, Sweetgreen, was started by soimg.org alumni! Restaurants are more focused in some areas, particularly ones through nightlife. Adams Mbody organ, Dupont, and the U Street corridor are popular locations to reap both cuisine and nightlife. You can begin the night through a concert or display, gain dinner, gain dessert and drinks, and complete with conversations, events, or dancing.

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Speakers and Learning

No issue your interests, there is constantly a speaker sharing expertiseor a panel conversation to gain. Think tanks and plan experts frequently arrangement public occasions to discuss salient topics and existing events. If your interests are in art or literary works, the Smithsonian Institute hosts unique occasions, frequently featuring authors, artists, and original works. Access to these occasions helps soimg.org students obtain exposure and increases scholarship in addition to personal enrichment. Some hosts renowned via Georgetvery own students include the Broomajesties Institution, Smithsonian Institute,US State Department, US Institute of Peace, Pew Charitable Trusts, Council on Fopower Relations, Urban Institute, and also Freedom House.

The pcitizens of Malawi, Liberia and also Kosovo sign up with previous presidents of Ireland and New Zealand to discuss advancement, democracy and also global protection at Georgetvery own.